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Constantly Cold Feet! What Causes Cold Feet? What Is Good For Cold Feet?

Don’t underestimate the cold foot problem that almost everyone has! Especially in the winter months, cold foot that do not warm can be harbingers of various diseases. We looked for those who wonder about the cold feet that usually occur with anemia or during menstruation in women. So what causes cold foot? What is good for cold foot?

Cold feet, which are more common in people with weak immune systems, are not diseases. Cold foot that are a symptom of an illness are a sign of severe health problems. It is well known among the general public that cold foot occur in people who have anemia. However, cold foot arise not only due to anemia but also due to many diseases. 

Although rarely known, it can also occur due to narrowing of blood vessels, nervous system weakness, and some female conditions. Cold foot are a health problem that hurts the patient’s quality of life. 

People with persistent upper respiratory disease can also get cold foot from excessive infection.

Heart diseases caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood lead to an unbalanced blood flow. Cold foot can also occur with such conditions. 

In addition, excessive smoking is another cause that destabilizes blood circulation. Smoking causes cold foot and increases body temperature by causing extreme heat in some people. Therefore, cold foot can be experienced in cold weather and hot weather. Some people also have trouble sleeping due to cold feet.



  • In people with poor metabolism, when the heart does not pump enough blood to the body, blood does not flow to the feet, which leads to a cold. This situation is often experienced by infrequent food and desk workers.
  • Anemia occurs when white blood cells decrease. The most common symptom of this disease is cold feet.
  • When the thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones, the metabolism is disturbed. This makes your feet feel cold.
  • If the brain is damaged, nerve cells cannot do their work sufficiently. As the possibility of damage to the cells in the nerves leading to the feet increases, cold foot occur. This is especially true with stress and depression.
  • High or low blood sugar levels cause arteries to narrow. People with diabetes usually experience this condition. People who often have cold feet should have their blood sugar checked as they may have hidden diabetes.


Since green tea balances blood sugar, it also prevents cold foot. You should drink at least two glasses a day to balance body heat. To make the tea; Add a teaspoon of dry green tea to a glass of hot water, wait 5-6 minutes, then strain and add honey to consume.

Ginger, rich in zingerone substance, also creates a comfortable flow by reducing blood clotting, suitable for cold foot. You can consume it as tea and use it by massaging your feet using the method we are going to write.

Boil a tablespoon of ginger powder in 2 glasses of water. Strain and add honey and consume. In the same way, boil one bowl of ginger powder in a saucepan of water and, after it has reached the temperature at which you can place your feet, massage your feet in this water for 30 minutes.

Epsom salt, widely used abroad, has been used in alternative medicine in our country for three years, especially in massaging. Thanks to the magnesium sulfate it contains, it increases the body’s external heat rate. For this reason, it is recommended for those who have cold foot to fill a bucket with hot water and add bitter powder, and massage for half an hour.

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