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Are Weight Loss Products Effective?

95% of these products are ineffective. You need to be well informed, as some products can help you healthily lose weight, but most don’t help at all.

Weight loss products are gaining more and more fame. In recent years, they have become trendy. However, we cannot trust everything they want to sell us.

As we know, without effort, there are no results. To lose weight, consider following a good diet and exercising moderately daily.

Some weight loss products help you achieve this goal, but not alone. Therefore, we must ask ourselves how effective they are and whether they are worth buying.

First, we must distinguish between two types of weight loss products on the market: medicines to combat obesity and diet products.

Weight Loss Products: Medicines

Weight loss medications are used under a doctor’s prescription. They are often recommended for overweight people. They are generally used to support a balanced diet and exercise program.

The effect of these medicines may be different. On the one hand, some provide a feeling of satiety, making people feel complete with just a tiny amount of food. Others make it more difficult for the body to absorb fats from food.

Next, we will see an example of each type of medication. Remember that these medications are only effective with a healthy diet and regular physical activity.


This medication is derived from lipistatin, which acts in the stomach and intestine and blocks digestive enzymes that break down fats for absorption. As they are not digested, they are eliminated through feces.

The problem with this medication is that it also prevents the absorption of specific vitamins. Therefore, your doctor will likely recommend a vitamin supplement if you prescribe this medication.

Among the  adverse effects that  this medication  may present, in addition to decreased absorption of vitamins, are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Gases
  • Incontinence of fatty stools.

Orlistat is also available in a lower dose that does not require a prescription. This over-the-counter medicine is known by the name Alli .


This remedy combines the satiating effect with the acceleration of thermogenesis, that is, the speed of basal metabolism. This way, it allows you to burn more calories.

It has a similar action to amphetamines but with milder effects and, in principle, without causing a withdrawal syndrome, although some users have faced this problem.

Sibutramine is no longer sold in many countries because of its side effects:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Dry mouth
  • Depression
  • Hypertension
  • Others

In short, a healthy lifestyle accompanied by a balanced diet and exercise has been proven to work for weight loss. So,  how is it worth taking these medications and facing their side effects?

Weight Loss Products: Food Substances

This other category of weight loss products is increasingly fashionable. However, 95% of them are ineffective. You should always be very informed about what they want to sell us, as some products can help you healthily lose weight, but most don’t.

The most used dietary products are diuretics, laxatives and fat burners.

Among the first are, for example, birdseed milk, senna infusions, and aloe vera leaves. As the name suggests, they are diuretic and laxative products which help cleanse the body when it comes to eliminating toxins and waste. However, they do not help you lose weight.

As for weight loss products that claim to be fat burners, there are substances extracted from algae, L-carnitine, leptin and conjugated linoleic acid.

They promote the formation of muscle tissue while reducing fat accumulation. Like the previous ones, its consumption must be accompanied by physical activity and a healthy diet.

Ultimately, the only thing that can help you lose weight is willpower, which will be reflected in a healthy lifestyle. Some weight loss products may help you but won’t make you lose weight effortlessly.


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