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Quality Of Life: 8 Strategies To Change Your Pattern Of Choices 

Over the years, we’ve all developed autopilot. We learn to respond to different day-to-day stimuli in the same way without thinking too much about the consequences of our actions. However, when we realize that achieving full health and quality of life depends on changing habits, it is normal for us to find it difficult to break these behavior patterns.

These patterns of behavior, which we call habits, are very powerful. They have a reason to exist: we save mental energy when we take one of these shortcuts to our actions. Thus, we only need simple reasoning when faced with a situation.

However, if these habits developed over the years harm our health, breaking them can be a big challenge. Only some people make a decision and never back down. Most of us must make a significant effort to break these patterns and make conscious, healthy choices. Check out our tips!

Write Down The Habits You Need To Change

Lifestyle changes involve several aspects. As you study the subject, you realize that many habits are incompatible with good health and invite illness into your everyday life.

Therefore, as you find this information and identify the habits you need to change, it is interesting to write down what changes are needed. This will make you, in addition to remembering, more aware of your goals. At first, don’t be scared by the size of the list and don’t try to solve everything quickly.

Set Priorities

After years of being used to having the same attitudes, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to make such a significant change in habits all at once unless they participate in an immersive experience. Therefore, select a priority for each item on the list and make it the focus of your efforts.

In food, for example, it is possible to have a series of objectives:

  • Increase the consumption of greens and vegetables.
  • Reduce the volume of carbohydrates to reach a healthy level.
  • Change how food is prepared (such as replacing fries with baked potatoes).

The more habits you change, the better the results for your health. However, it is better to take one step at a time in the right direction than to start a drastic change and not be able to take your project of adopting a new lifestyle forward.

Start With Changing Simple Habits

We sometimes need complex solutions to meet our body’s needs. There are simple ways to insert natural remedies into our daily lives, and you can choose them.

Putting on a bathing suit and standing by a pool for daily sunbathing is unnecessary. You can get the same benefits by taking advantage of your lunch break to sit on a park bench for 15 or 20 minutes.

There are also several solutions to combat a sedentary lifestyle: go to work by bike, get off the bus two stops early and finish the journey on foot, and do squats or push-ups at the office (yes, that’s possible!). These are some ways to insert small changes without drastically changing the routine.

Spread Reminders

We are all used to living on autopilot. So it’s perfectly normal for you to forget to make these changes. However, it is possible to get around this problem by spreading notes and reminders in strategic places.

Putting a post on the computer screen with the command “drink water” is worth it. It is also interesting to program the smartphone to wake up every two hours. Get up, walk around the office, stimulate circulation, and do squats or push-ups against the wall.

Get Everything Ready

In the process of adopting a new lifestyle, changes should be facilitated. Therefore, when we leave everything prepared, we avoid obstacles to doing what we had planned, accelerating the formation of new habits.

An example is food. If your goal is to eat more raw vegetables, for example, a slight delay in your lunch break can make you give up on that purpose. One way to avoid this problem is to leave the leaves already washed and dried in the fridge, ready for consumption. Thus, there will be no excuses not to put them on the plate.

There are many other ways to make your routine easier to implement new habits: always carry a bottle of water with you, train at a gym very close to work or home so you don’t have the excuse of not being able to go there, take your lunch not to eat at a restaurant that has those temptations you want to avoid, etc.

Get An Offer Of Support

Changing habits becomes easier when we have support and company. So, find a friend or even create a group with similar goals. If the contact is face-to-face, it’s even better. However, if you cannot bring these people together in person, establish this network virtually. Share goals, achievements and tips.

For many people, trying new activities alone is discouraging. Therefore, the exercise will become more pleasurable if done in a group. Even meals can be healthier if the people next to you also try to avoid consuming harmful products.

Look For An Immersive Experience

When we start this lifestyle change, we sometimes need to learn to fit new habits into everyday life. Furthermore, to get rid of some of them, it is very effective to undergo a detoxification experience, which can be difficult when we remain in the same environment.

However, even more important than medical care and therapy is that our guests see how applying the 8 natural remedies in their daily lives is possible. They also have workshops, healthy cooking classes and dynamic educational lectures. 

Don’t Give Up

In this process of changing habits, there may be some relapses. There may be days when you surrender to the couch and stop exercising. Other times that candy overcame your decision to eat healthily, or a series of marathons took your hours of sleep.

Although you—and you alone—were responsible for these choices, don’t give up. Think that tomorrow is a new day, and with it comes the chance to restart your path in search of a healthier life.


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