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Six Tricks To Eat Less Without Going Hungry

One of the biggest obstacles to losing weight is those “temptations” or “snacks” we eat between meals. Although there are healthy ways to make these meals, we often opt for less nutritious foods. Do you want to learn some tricks to eat less without going hungry?

Although it may seem impossible, several strategies can prevent us from consuming excess calories without suffering. Next, we want to share the most effective tricks for eating less so that you can take them into account from now on.

Tips For Eating Less Without Going Hungry

If You Don’t See It, You Don’t Eat It

It may be fundamental advice, but this strategy works. People who have food available at all times weigh about three pounds more than those with no food.

If you need to snack on something, let it be healthy food and never in excess.

Smaller Plates And Cutlery To Eat Less Without Going Hungry

Just as the dishes we use affect the portion size, cutlery can determine the amount we eat.

We can eat less without going hungry if we follow this advice to “trick” the brain. The reason for this is that by using smaller cutlery, we will eat more slowly and in smaller quantities.

Furthermore, it is essential to chew your food well. It is recommended to chew 20 times for each bite.

Eat Around People Who Eat Healthily

When eating out, controlling the quantity and quality of your food is often more challenging. This situation can generate anxiety and a bad mood as we cannot maintain an adequate diet.

We recommend sitting close to the right people to avoid this and eat less without going hungry. Eat close to those who eat less or are also on a diet to deal with this situation more quickly.

Reward Yourself

When you start having difficulty dieting and eating healthily, reaching your goal will be more complex, and your intentions to change your weight loss habits will only last so long.

It would help if you could simplify these changes and spark positive thoughts that encourage you to continue.

We often think that to lose weight, you have to starve yourself. The truth is precisely the opposite. There is no need to go hungry. Just combine healthy eating and exercise.

If you increase your physical activity level by up to 4 days a week, you can eat more food without going hungry. If you adopt this routine, you will see how you will lose weight and increase your motivation. It has been proven that physical exercise is one of the best tools for improving body composition.

Drink More Water To Eat Less Without Going Hungry

Another very effective trick for eating less without starving is to drink a large glass of water before eating, as stated in a study published in Clinical Nutrition Research. This will make your stomach fuller and thus calm the hunger bug.

Sometimes, drinking water is also helpful when faced with an irrepressible desire or impulse to eat. In this way, it is possible to confuse the brain. However, avoid drinking water in excessive quantities, as this can be counterproductive.

Portion Size And Color

The bigger the plate, the more you will fill it and the more you will eat without realizing it. By filling a smaller plate, the brain is tricked, and you feel “full” sooner. So, try not to serve a large plate to trick your brain into eating less without starving yourself.

Furthermore, if they are small amounts of food, fruit, or any food, serve them in a container that is not light to trick the brain, which will have the perception that you ate more food than there was because it was on a plate or bowl. 

As for colors, we recommend that you always use plates in a color that contrasts with the food on them. This is because the brain will take longer to send the feeling of satiety.


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