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Finally, Switch Off: These Evening Rituals Promote A Good Night’s Sleep

Stress, professional trouble, personal problems, or fears for the future – the head is full and restful sleep is impossible. In the long run, this can harm your health. Time to up the ante on his evening routine with helpful tips and tricks.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a night owl or a sleepyhead – there is a perfect way for everyone to find some peace. 

Anyone who has already found their perfect evening ritual can count themselves very lucky.

However, if you spend hours tossing and turning and desperately counting sheep before you fall asleep, you might want to reconsider a few small things before you go to bed.

Just Go Offline

Just recheck Facebook or Instagram – and suddenly, you’re missing an hour of precious sleep.

To have a restful night, you should avoid using your tablet, smartphone, and television about an hour before you go to sleep.

The blue light from the screens prevents the eyes from preparing for sleep and signals the body that it is not time to go to bed yet.

The Bedroom As An Oasis Of Well-Being

To get restful sleep, you need order around you.

Clutter is an underestimated stress factor and subconsciously triggers restlessness in one.

Ticking off just one little thing from the long to-do list before going to bed can help you fall asleep with peace of mind and get a restful night. 

Free Your Mind

The thoughts of the past day are circling in your head; maybe not all of them are positive. This prevents you from falling asleep.

If your mind isn’t calm again, it can help write down your emotions.

This creates clarity and helps to gain new insights.

Perhaps there is already the first solution to ensure that you sleep more peacefully. 

Restful Nights Through Tea

A hot drink in the evening has a calming effect on the body and signals that it’s okay to switch off now.

Chamomile or valerian have a particularly relaxing effect. Also perfect: A spiced milk with cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric.

But beware: do not use a tea that contains caffeine – for example, black or green tea. This can quickly become counterproductive.

Aromas For Deeper Sleep

The smell of rose, vanilla, or lavender is particularly suitable to wind down and relax in the evening.

For example, essential oils work best in the shower or bath.

Just take a deep breath and relax… Alternatively, you can use a beautifully scented room spray or a suitable face cream.

You can also put a bag of dried lavender flowers in your pillowcase to enjoy the pleasant smell all night long.

Finally, Let Go

Anyone who sits at a desk all day quickly becomes tense.

The perfect way to release this tension is to stretch out.

This works best with yoga. Deep breathing and various exercises are effective in calming the nervous system. Yin Yoga is particularly suitable.

Some meditation exercises can also help to relax.

Establish An Evening Routine: Staying Tuned Is The Be-All And End-All

The most important thing about all evening rituals is that they are repeated regularly so that a routine can develop from them.

Good habits take time and don’t work overnight.

If you use it continuously, the rituals will become easier and more accessible. Soon, your body will combine relaxation and recovery with the new evening routine so that nothing stands in the way of a restful night.


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