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8 Reasons To Start Exercising Now

Autumn is the best season to start exercising. We reveal why

The bikini season is over; autumn is shaking the leaves outside and coloring them in various colors. It will probably be some time before the next time you get the chance to appear in a bikini at the outdoor pool or the bathing lake. And yet autumn is the ideal time to maintain your figure or finally get it in shape. For these eight reasons:

The Weather Is Finally Playing Along

The temperatures are finally back in a tolerable range. At 35 degrees, sport is not only much more strenuous – it also puts an unnecessarily heavy load on the cardiovascular system. With moderate weather around 15 degrees, the first training steps are easy and quickly visible progress. And the better you get, the more fun the sport is.

You Do Something For Your Health In Two Ways

In autumn, the risk of catching cold increases every year. If you go out when it’s a bit harder and move your body in the fresh air even at these temperatures, you reduce the risk of having to stay at home with a runny nose. And exercising in the fresh air has another health advantage: If you tend to be melancholic in autumn and winter, you should do sports outside when the sun is still giving off some light. This can prevent depression

Roast Season Is Upon Us 

Autumn heralds the season for plenty of heavy food: venison goulash is on the menu, delicious roast meat, and, at Christmas, the Christmas goose. If you start getting your body in shape now, you can access all of this without a guilty conscience. And another culinary sin tempts: The first Christmas sweets are already on the supermarket shelves. The gingerbread is soft and juicy; dominoes lure with their spicy taste. Anyone who starts a regular exercise program now will find the perfect way to compensate for the enjoyment of the delicious sweets.

The New Year’s Eve Party Is Sure To Come

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Christmas: Once this festival is behind us, New Year’s Eve is not far away. And you want to cut a significant figure in your dress, don’t you?

How About The Perfect Sauna Body?

Winter is coming faster than we can see now. And once it’s cold outside, a warm visit to the sauna will do you good. If you want to present yourself with a body you like, you should start doing something for it now. This gives you enough time to get in shape before the frosty season.

You Get Through The SKI Holiday Healthy

Do you love winter vacations? Do you like to get on skis or a snowboard and whiz down the slopes? Nice, but some dangers are lurking. However, one thing is sure: those who are physically fit on the skis have a significantly lower risk of falling and thus injury. Train now!

The Beach Is Also Attractive In Winter

If you don’t believe in winter sports, you might be one of those who escape the German winter cold and fly to warmer climes in the tropics or the southern hemisphere. If you want to feel completely comfortable there, you should start immediately.

Sports Are Fun

The most important thing at the end: Sport is a lot of fun, believe us. Already after the first two weeks of training, you will develop an entirely new feeling for your body and be proud of big and small successes. Find a good friend as a training partner and celebrate your accomplishments together. That makes you happy, I promise! 


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