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Expired Milk: Many Ways To Reuse It

An excellent natural fertilizer can also be used to clean leather items. Or as a natural anti-dark circles remedy

Natural fertilizer is an excellent product for cleaning leather and silver objects. A remedy for swollen eyes or insect bites. Expired milk can easily have a second life.

Expired Milk Recycling

How much milk is wasted every day in our homes? Not to mention bars, restaurants, and public places. The waste mechanism, in this case, is almost automatic: we buy more than we need, a part expires without being consumed, and then, zac, everything ends up in the garbage.

How To Reuse Expired Milk

And instead, the leftover milk can be reused in many ways, even if it is only the bottom of the carton that contains it. For our well-being. For different types of housework. To fertilize the vegetable garden or the plants we have in some pots. But let’s take a closer look, one by one, at the best ways not to waste leftover milk. And to reuse the one that is close to expiry in the kitchen.

  • Natural Fertilizer. Expired milk, and even the fund left over in the carton packs, can have a precious first destination: our vegetable garden. Or our plants in general. By adding only water, an excellent natural fertilizer is created, thanks to the vitamins and mineral salts that milk has.
  • For Cleaning Leather Items. Not just bags and shoes, but also sofas. While water is terrible for cleaning leather items, milk works very well. How? It should be soaked in a cloth and passed on the stained surface. Time to dry, and then wipe with a dry cloth. Speaking of washing, milk can also be used to remove stubborn stains from various garments. Just leave them to soak in water and milk overnight. In the case of difficult stains such as wine, to increase the stain removal power of the milk, it is necessary to heat it and apply it to the affected area, then brush it and proceed with the usual washing.
  • To Clean Silverware. Expired milk is also an excellent natural remedy to prevent silverware from oxidizing. Specifically, by mixing it with lemon juice, excellent results are obtained. To prepare this rinse aid, boil the milk with a few drops of lemon juice and, after having cooled the mixture, use it to clean the silver. Finally, rinse and rub with a woolen cloth.
  • For the face. Since ancient times, milk has been an excellent remedy for swelling of the eyes. By soaking two cotton pads in a glass of cold whole milk and applying them on the area to be treated for twenty minutes, and assuming a lying position, you can reduce swelling or other imperfections. Milk combined with potatoes is also excellent for bags and dark circles. The wrap is obtained by placing sliced ​​potatoes in a bowl of cold milk, which must be left to rest in the fridge covered with a transparent film. To get the result, use the potato slices and apply them gently to the eyes.
  • Beauty mask. Still, in cosmetics, expired milk used together with lemon offers an astringent action to the skin, which at the same time is nourished, becoming softer. To prepare the mask, heat the milk briefly, add lemon juice from the whole fruit, and apply the mixture to the face with a cotton pad. After five minutes, rinse with warm water and a jet of cold water to activate circulation.
  • For insect bites and sunburn. Milk also has excellent soothing properties that allow you to reduce the itching associated with an insect bite or the pain caused by a sunburn. Also, in this case, to benefit from its effects, just apply a soaked pad to the affected area.

During the bath. Finally, expired milk can be an excellent ingredient to enrich your bathrooms. Pouring tea glasses into the tub with a spoonful of honey, previously melted, allows the skin to nourish itself. Not surprisingly, bathing in milk was already considered a natural beauty elixir in ancient Egypt.

How To Know When Milk Has Gone Bad?

Milk that has gone bad has some unmistakable signs: an unpleasant smell, lumps, and curdling, the color is no longer the traditional pearly white. Particular attention must be paid to nodes; they could be deposited in the bottom of the package that contains the milk. And remember that milk must be kept in the refrigerator: if it remains out of the fridge for a few hours, especially in summer, it will likely become spoiled. By drinking spoiled milk, you may find a mild form of food poisoning, which manifests as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain.

How Long Does Milk Last After The Expiry Date?

Inattentive or ill-informed consumers are quick to waste milk. The vast majority (78 percent) throw it away as soon as it reaches the expiration date, which is a date by which it is preferable to consume milk. But how long does the milk last after the expiration date? And how long can we still drink it in complete safety? The unopened milk remains good for at least seven days, while if you have opened it at least 2-3 days after the expiration date, as long as you remember to keep it in the refrigerator at a temperature between 3 and 4 degrees. However, make sure to put the milk in the refrigerator after purchase, and possibly on an internal shelf, not too close to the fridge door.

How Long Does Milk Long Storage?

Long-life milk, of course, has a very different duration from fresh milk. And this should protect it from the risk of waste. Long-life milk can safely last 2-4 weeks after expiration when stored in a cool, dry pantry. And up to 2 months if stored in the refrigerator.


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