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The Most Common Causes Of Dark Circles

Bags under the eyes and dark circles are the problem of many women and many men. Sometimes, a little makeup is enough to hide these unsightly marks, and it is good not to ignore the triggering cause. It is also good to know the main reasons to prevent the appearance and reduce the extent of the imperfection. Dark circles can appear for various reasons, some due to an incorrect lifestyle or to phenomena such as dehydration and allergies. Here are the causes of the most common dark circles.

Insufficient Rest

Sure sleep slightly increases the possibility of finding yourself in the morning with dark circles and bags under the eyes. It is helpful to remember that you don’t have to sleep eight a night, but what matters is sleep quality. It is good to avoid physical and visual stress (such as TV, for example) before going to sleep and be careful with too heavy meals. With a few simple steps to take during the day, you can improve sleep and wake up more rested.


Many seasonal allergies cause conjunctivitis and subsequent swelling of the eyes. Therefore, it is reasonable to always take the right drugs in periods of the most incredible intensity of symptoms. Not to be overlooked are also food allergies which can cause alteration of the tissue and skin, irritating it.


In the case of infections (many times also due to dirt), it is not uncommon to see the appearance of dark circles, bags under the eyes, and excessive tearing. It is good to seek medical attention and apply adequate eye drops to reduce contamination in these cases. Avoid rubbing your eyes to not spread the infection to the other eye or other areas of the body.


Poor hygiene of the eye canal can cause excessive tearing and redness that favor the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes. Before going to sleep, it is necessary to remove makeup properly and wash your face well, including the eye area. If possible, use a mild detergent. Avoid putting contact lenses with dirty hands or without disinfecting them. Going to sleep with lenses can also cause damage to the eye.


Eye injuries cause various damages. Obviously, in these cases, worrying about dark circles and bags under the eyes is secondary. If you notice a foreign body that is difficult to remove or has caused a lesion with evident bleeding of the eye, it is good to go to the hospital immediately. You can book a specialist visit in other less severe cases and identify the most suitable therapy.


Dehydration is one of the primary causes of dark circles and dry skin. The body must also be hydrated from the inside, very often by drinking the right amount of water. In summer, it is necessary to increase the number of liquids ingested, avoiding carbonated drinks which do not quench thirst at all but, on the contrary, damage the digestive system and cause cardiovascular damage.

Excessive Tearing

As we have said, excessive tearing because of sensitivities, contaminations, or specific crying causes the presence of dark circles. After a great deal of crying, you notice an enlarging of the eyes and the presence of dark circles the following day. It is excellent not to squint excessively and not utilize too unpleasant clothes. All things being equal, flush with cold water and pat tenderly to lessen side effects.


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