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Fitness Exercises For At Home In Times Of The Corona Crisis

Many fitness centers are closed, and many people are forced to stay at home. But sport is particularly important in times of the coronavirus. So today, we have put together a few simple exercises to train at home. 

Many of the usual activities are no longer possible in times of the coronavirus, but lack of exercise should be prevented, especially during long periods at home. For this reason, we recommend various fitness exercises that you can use to train your body and keep your mind healthy at the same time.

Physical activities are known to have a very positive effect on health. An article published in the journal Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine highlights that exercise is associated with longer life expectancy. Specifically, regular exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular complaints, diabetes and lung diseases.

The movement also promotes mental health and helps to manage emotions better. This is very important in the current situation. Because panic, stress and nervousness are among the psychological effects of the restrictions on movement that are necessary due to the coronavirus. So, what are you waiting for? We start with the training.


Fitness Exercises In Quarantine Time At Home

In difficult times like these, healthy habits especially help us strengthen our defenses and stay mentally healthy. Therefore, you should do sports despite the isolation, preferably regularly but with moderate intensity.

Of course, exercise must be combined with other healthy habits and a varied diet. In addition, the fitness exercises should be adapted to the specific requirements of each individual. In this case, it is primarily about well-being and less about other goals.

We then explain five different exercises that you can easily do at home. People who do little exercise can start with 20 minutes a day and slowly increase the time. Those who are better trained can plan 40 minutes from the start.

Fitness Exercises For At Home: Walking While Standing

Walking while standing is an interesting way to increase your heart rhythm without putting too much strain on your joints. This exercise is an excellent way to start your workout. Because at the same time, the muscles are warmed up and prepared for the next fitness exercises.

Fitness Exercises For The Home: Burpees

Burpees are a mixture of push-ups, squats, and stretch jumps requiring resistance, strength, and coordination. An article was published in the Health & Fitness Journal talking about the evidence confirming that these types of exercise improve physical condition and reduce fatigue.

Fitness Exercises For At Home: Jump With Knee Raises

This exercise speeds up the heart rhythm during exercise. It also helps strengthen various muscle groups, including the abdomen and legs. It is an exercise that combines the typical movement of running with lifting the knees.

Plank With Knees Drawn Up

This exercise should not be missed either, as it is very beneficial. There are many variations on the classic plank, but this one is easy as you get on your knees. Different muscle groups are trained, and therefore physical resistance is also improved. You can also train your abdominal muscles with this exercise.

Fitness Exercises For At Home: High Bridge

The high bridge is a complete exercise with which you can train your glutes, among other things. A study shows that the muscles of the trunk are strengthened.

Recommendations For Training At Home

With each exercise, you can train different muscle groups and increase cardiovascular activity. However, you won’t get results overnight. Only regular training will bring you to your goal. Try to prevent a sedentary lifestyle while being isolated at home. 

It is best to plan all the activities you want to do every day, both professional and personal commitments. Include between 20 and 40 minutes of exercise every day in your schedule. All you need is some space so that you can move comfortably. Are you ready to start exercising?

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