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Five Exercises For A Defined Upper Body That You Can Do At Home

Effective workouts can also be completed in your own four walls. A balanced training routine should include workouts for the legs and butt or stomach. 

Upper body workouts also deserve priority – even when time is short. After all, a strong back and muscular arms contribute equally to a good body feeling. 

Plus, an intense upper body workout doesn’t take much time. 

With only five exercises per round, the workout is completed very quickly – perfect for a crisp unit in between.

The best thing about the training unit: Since you only need dumbbells and a mat as equipment, you can easily do the exercises at home.

Strong Upper Body In Just 15 Minutes

Because the exercises vary significantly within the workout, you train every major muscle group in your upper body despite the short duration. The quarter of an hour is therefore used as effectively as possible. 

Here’s how it works: Each of the five exercises is performed for one minute, followed by a 30-second break. Two rounds last 15 minutes.

Shoulder Press

For the first exercise, grab two dumbbells – they’ll work your shoulders first. 

Stand tall, hip-width apart, and hold the weight in front of your body, at shoulder height. Your palms are facing towards your body. 

Now perform the exercise by pushing one of the dumbbells over your head. Rotate your forearm as you perform so your palms face away from your body at the highest point. 

With this movement, the arms alternate for one minute. 

Bicep Curl Variation

Next, focus on the muscle strands of your upper arms. 

Stand upright for this exercise as well. Hold the weights with your arms relaxed and your palms facing away from your body. 

First, do a bicep curl with both arms, using the strength of your upper arms to lift the weights toward your shoulders. Then return to the starting position.

Then raise the dumbbells again. However, this time, use a sideways movement with your forearms so that your palms are still facing away from you at the end of the campaign. 


This exercise not only challenges your arms but also strengthens your upper back. 

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, bend your knees slightly and bend your upper body forward until it is parallel to the floor. 

Hold the dumbbells under your body with your arms straight. You perform the rowing movement by pulling your elbows back. 

Hold this position briefly and focus on the tension between your shoulder blades when the weights are directly in front of your chest. 

Chest Press

For the next exercise, lie on the mat, put your feet up and lift your buttocks. Hold the two dumbbells in front of the middle of the body. 

Raise and lower the weights in front of your chest from this position. During the execution, make sure that you apply the strength with both the triceps and the trunk. 

The exercise slightly upgrades by holding this position – the butt muscles are also put under high tension.

Triceps Extensions

Finally, to round off the workout, work on the triceps. To do this, kneel on the floor and hold a dumbbell behind your head with both hands. 

Now raise and lower the weight in a controlled manner by stretching out and bending your arms again. 

Perform the movement as slowly and purposefully as possible to address the right muscle groups. 


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