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Protection Against Corona, Flu, And Co: Four Tips For Washing Your Hands

Thorough and regular hand washing is essential. But is that enough? Especially in the coronavirus and the flu wave, four important rules can protect against the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Even as a child, you learn that washing your hands regularly and thoroughly is essential – especially when you’ve been to the toilet.

But not only then, because the hands come into contact with many bacteria and pathogens throughout the day.

Viruses Lurk Everywhere

When shaking hands, especially in the gym, viruses and dirt are constantly being picked up unnoticed on public transport.

You spread it just as quickly from your hands all over the body – and unfortunately also on your face. Therefore, hygiene experts and doctors recommend washing your hands more often, especially during a flu epidemic and due to the current spread of the coronavirus.

Four Tips For International Handwashing Day

The World Health Organization (WHO) also reminds us of this with an  International Hand Washing Day. This was launched long before the Corona pandemic in 2008 and took place annually on October 15th.

But of course, hand hygiene should also be essential during the rest of the year to curb the spread of diseases.

Here are four tips on hand hygiene that everyone should know and follow:

Wash And Dry Hands Properly

“Washing your hands regularly and thoroughly can easily interrupt the transmission path and significantly reduce the risk of infection,” explains the head of the Federal Center for Health Education,

To clean your hands well, it is essential to adhere to the recommended duration of  20 to 30 seconds. This is often not taken into account,.

“In everyday life, however, people often do not take enough time. In our representative survey on the subject of hygiene, almost half of those surveyed stated that they spend less than 20 seconds washing their hands,” says the expert.

Disinfectant gels or wipes can help keep hands clean when you’re out and about. However, they should not be used too often to dry out the skin.

By the way, drying your hands after washing them is at least as essential for hygiene as washing your hands. After all, bacteria are transmitted 500 times faster with wet hands than dry hands. Therefore, it is also necessary to change towels regularly at home. 

Tea towels in the kitchen should also be replaced frequently, as they are often damp and thus attract bacteria. It is best to have two different towels in the kitchen, one for drying dishes and one for your hands.

Hand Hygiene When Preparing Food

Targeted handwashing can protect your health, and not just during the flu season. Hand hygiene is also essential when preparing certain foods. 

It’s not about the apparent foods like meat or most fruits and vegetables, which should always be washed down before the first bite. 

Even with bananas and avocados, you should always wash your hands after peeling them – and if possible, not come into contact with the flesh beforehand. 

The reason: Toxic substances such as pesticides and fungicides are often still attached to the shells. 

Do Not Wash Hands With Detergent

When washing dishes in the kitchen, you rarely have hand soap ready. The suitable washing-up liquid also fulfills this purpose. Or? Better not, because it is often harmful to the skin due to a much too high pH value. 

You can also safely do without an antibacterial hand soap – it does not clean the hands more thoroughly than regular soap but is harmful to the environment – and the skin – due to the chemicals it contains. If this is attacked, it is also more vulnerable to intruders.

Hygiene In The Handbag

Handbags are actual virus slingshots. Lots of bacteria frolic in a few square centimeters and attach themselves to all objects you carry around—only regular wiping and disinfecting of everyday companions help. 

The same applies to the surfaces of smartphones, tablets, and the like. – Countless bacteria also collect there. Therefore, these devices should also be disinfected regularly.


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