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Grandma’s Remedies For Coughs

The flu has put 4 million to bed this season, and even if the epidemic peak has passed, we are not entirely “safe.” The most affected, as always, were children and the elderly. In many cases, once the fever subsided, symptoms such as cough, sore throat, and cold persisted for several days. In particular, the cough that is dry or oily bothers us both day and night, and we can’t wait to get rid of it. The grandmothers, with their wisdom, have handed down various remedies to cure us of coughs. 

Viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, or other substances. They are the leading causes of coughs. While chronic coughing can be a sign of a severe illness, most people consider the common cough to be more of a nuisance than a health problem. In these cases, is it better to resort to medicine? Obviously, in the case of bronchitis, it is necessary to rely on traditional medicines, but if the cough is the consequence of a cold, you can try these natural remedies:

Baking Soda Or Essential Oils

It is necessary to heat the water and add baking soda or a few drops of essential oil. Once the still boiling water has been placed in a basin, cover yourself with a cloth or towel and breathe with your mouth open.

Honey And Lemon

Honey has antibacterial properties and calms throat tissues, while lemon is a sanitizer and antiviral. A teaspoon of honey with a few drops of lemon is an excellent remedy against cough, and there are no contraindications related to the quantity to be ingested!

Salt Water Gargling

Gargling with salt water helps reduce swelling of the cells and consequently reduces the discomfort caused by coughing. Gargling should be done for at least one minute, 2 or 3 times daily.


Onion is also a natural antibacterial and antiviral. Cut it in half and place it on the bedside table. It will act as an aerosol, and thanks to beneficial substances such as allicin and poly sulphides, it will help eliminate phlegm and mucus.

Flaxseed Poultices

The poultice is a compress to be placed directly on the part of the body to be treated, in this case on the chest, to treat catarrhal cough or bronchitis. To prepare flaxseed poultices, it is necessary to reduce the flaxseed into flour (or buy flaxseed flour directly from a herbalist’s shop). Two tablespoons of flour should be added to a glass of boiling water. The mixture obtained should cool a little and then be placed in a cloth handkerchief on the chest for as long as possible.

Tea Blends

A wide variety of teas can help—excellent ones with Achillea millefolium flower, peppermint leaves, and grass.


Licorice root can help calm sore throats and help relieve coughs.


It has many secret powers and has been used for its medicinal properties since ancient times. It has antihistamine and decongestant properties. You can make ginger tea by adding 12 slices of fresh ginger to a pot with three cups of water. Leave to cool for 20 minutes.

Drink Lots Of Fluids

Drinking plenty of fluids, one of the teas already listed, or just water can be helpful. Liquids help draw out postnasal mucus, keep membranes moist, and can help reduce the need to cough. Instead, beware of dairy products that make the phlegm more dense and difficult to expel, so with the famous milk, honey, and cognac, it is better to go slow!


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