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How To Apply Eyeliner

The complete guide to applying eyeliner, a curse and delight for many women and girls: how to avoid smudging, all the advice for choosing the right eyeliner everyone knows eyeliner, the curse and delight of women and girls, including those from Brescia: a makeup as much loved as it is feared. It can give an intense and sensual look but is complicated to apply precisely and with all the consequent risks (including the famous smudges). So make yourself comfortable: here are all the tips for choosing the right eyeliner, learning how to apply it, and avoiding mistakes.

The Different Types Of Eyeliner

To achieve flawless eye makeup, it is essential to start by choosing the type of eyeliner based on the makeup you want to achieve and, above all, based on your skill and experience. For beginners, the ideal option is an eyeliner pencil, which blends easily but has a not very intense line, or a pen eyeliner, which has an exact line and a more decisive finish; the more experienced, however, can opt for the gel eyeliner, which is applied with the brush but allows you to have a line with a homogeneous color and a precise line, or for the classic liquid eyeliner, quick to correct but difficult to control, especially if you want to draw a thin line.

How To Apply Eyeliner

Here are two different methods for applying eyeliner precisely. Start starting from the “comma” at the end of the eye: draw a line that starts from the outer corner of the eye and lengthens it by about 5-7 millimeters, then draw a second line to create a small triangle that has the rhyme as its base top of the eye and fill it with color.

Remember that it is important not to extend the line of eyeliner too far outwards and always to direct the comma upwards. Repeat the operation on both eyes, trying to maintain the same angle. At this point, trace the line that outlines the entire upper rim up to the internal corner, always trying to keep the same pressure to avoid waviness.

Also, remember that the line must become increasingly thinner as you get closer to where you want it to end. For an “easier” application, you can try the second method: draw a dotted line just above the eyelashes so that you won’t have problems with smudging or broken lines if you close your eye by mistake. Then, draw the comma and join the hatches, working from the inside outwards.

Tricks To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes

Finally, here are all the tricks to avoid the most common mistakes and be able to apply eyeliner perfectly.

  • Prepare the eye – before applying the eyeliner, it is essential to prepare the area by applying a primer or a veil of powder to fix the makeup and prevent it from transferring to the fixed eyelid.
  • Always start by drawing the comma – remember to start from the middle of the eye, create the tail, and balance everything by taking care of the internal part.
  • Don’t pull your eye to apply eyeliner – as well as being a gesture that can irritate the area and, in the long run, give rise to wrinkles and crow’s feet; pulling your eye doesn’t allow you to see the final direction of the line of eyeliner. To apply eyeliner correctly, half close your eyelids, keeping your chin high in front of the mirror.
  • Shaded version – did you make a comma that was too short or a crooked and imprecise line? Don’t worry; solve with nuances! Create a line with a pencil or kohl, then blend it lightly with a brush and dab it with an eyeshadow of the same color.

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