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How To Choose The Best Kitchen Knives

Guide to choosing the best kitchen knives for your culinary creations: If you have come across this article, it is because you are indeed looking for a set of kitchen knives to buy. In this article, we have decided to create a guide that will accompany you through the purchase.

In fact, choosing the most expensive product on the market is not always equivalent to purchasing a top-of-the-range set, so you will have to learn to recognize the elements to observe when purchasing the correct location of kitchen knives to equip yourself with to create the most varied culinary recipes. Follow this guide, and you will be able to buy the right product for you.

Qualities That Should Never Be Missing

There are fundamental characteristics that must continuously be available in a kitchen blade, the primary ones being the nature of the materials with which they were made, the obstruction of the item, simplicity of taking care of, and hardness over the long run. Components like these will permit you to buy the ideal arrangement of blades that will go with you for a long time. Pick the sort. The initial step to take is to lay out which kind of blade you want to purchase. We can make two differentiations between typologies:

  1. Basic knives
  2. Professional knives

Both can be purchased in sets, therefore, with more than one different Knife, but they have other characteristics and additional handling.

Consider The Grip

In the wake of picking the item you want, you will end up confronted with many sets contrasting in the number of blades, size, and plan. The initial step to take is, without a doubt, to evaluate the hold of a group. It is a crucial component since it should be agreeable for the individual who will utilize it. On the off chance that it is too weighty or too little, the outcome will be not having the option to involve the blade as best as could really be expected, so disposing of this kind of set is ideal.

Check The Knife Blade

You not only need to ensure that it is quality, but you also need to ensure that it is safe. Purchasing a treated steel sharp edge that is too slender may as yet break, twist, and get demolished after a couple of purposes, and afterward, it is wiser to go for the gold of the item. Subsequently, notice the tip of the blade and the joints. Assuming you see any defects, dispose of that set.

The Edge Of The Knife

The best blades have a smooth edge, which takes into consideration better and speedier cutting. Accordingly, choose this sort of hardware. Now that you know the primary elements to focus on while buying kitchen blades, you can begin the quest for your ideal set.

How To Sharpen Kitchen Knives

To make precision cuts, an essential element is the quality of the edge. This is why many chefs resort to sharpening the blade even without apparent signs of wear. To prevent the knives from losing their edge and no longer cutting, it is necessary to take small precautions, such as, for example, not washing them in the dishwasher, placing them in a knife block or their case, and avoiding, where possible, using them on too much surface. Hard as kitchen marble. It would quickly ruin the blade edge. Let’s see what the best tools are for sharpening a professional kitchen knife:

  1. Steel sharpeners are to be used between one grinding and another to prevent the blade from getting damaged. These tools are not designed to bring a dull knife back to life but to maintain efficiency for longer. This tool aligns the metal of the blade, smoothing out any small serrations, scratches, and irregularities in the metal. The sharpener, compared to other devices, does not remove a significant amount of metal from the Knife.
  2. Ceramic stone should be soaked for a few minutes until it stops releasing air bubbles, then placed on a stable support (the plastic casing of the package can serve this purpose). A constant angle must be maintained between the stone and the Knife. For this reason, two guides of different sizes are included in the package: one of the sizes suitable for your Knife must be applied to the back of the blade to keep it at the correct inclination, between 15 and 20°. The operation is delicate (in Japanese tradition, it is considered a real art), but it allows you to obtain excellent results.
  3. Sharpening the Knife with electric tools is fast and precise. It is undoubtedly more expensive, but it guarantees better results. They allow you to point any type of blade, even serrated and wavy ones. It is widely used in delicatessens and butchers, where sharpening is used much more than at home.




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