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Coffee Scrub: How To Prepare It At Home

With two teaspoons of well-prepared coffee grounds, you will have radiant, supple, and soft skin. Add the cinnamon

If we want to have it always luminous, elastic, and soft, the skin must be taken care of. First of all, constant exfoliation has a double advantage. On the one hand, it eliminates dead cells; on the other hand, a clean skin allows greater penetration of the products we use to keep them in excellent condition.

And here we come to the choices to be made to avoid waste. For scrubs, it is not necessary to always turn to the cosmetics industry, running the risk, in some cases, of exaggerating the use of these products and causing allergies and even micro-injuries. There is a natural ingredient at hand, and therefore at no cost, for our do-it-yourself coffee scrub

Scrub With Coffee

How much coffee do we waste every day? What is left over in the cup and we throw in the sink, but also the machine’s funds which instead can become very useful. Especially for natural cosmetics, at no cost and very effective. As in the case of the do-it-yourself scrub with coffee grounds, following the recipes and preparation that we present here.

How To Scrub With Coffee

So let’s see how to make a “do it yourself” scrub.

  • To have smooth skin, prevent ingrown hairs from forming and fight the water retention that generates cellulite, we combine the coffee grounds of a machine with a bit of brown sugar, 2/3 tablespoons of massage oil (use that you have at home or buy it at a herbalist’s shop) and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Then, mix until you get a thick compound that you will apply on dry skin, rubbing well. Coffee also has excellent antioxidant action and gives the skin a natural brightness.
  • Another recipe involves using 3 three-cup coffee grounds, 1 teaspoon of table salt, and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mix the three ingredients and rub your body with the mixture obtained; at the end, take a shower to eliminate residues and dead cells. The salt will have nourished your skin freeing it from excess liquids, while the oil will have made it much more elastic.
  • With 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds, 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of honey, and one of cinnamon powder, you can make a fantastic anti-cellulite scrub . Mix the ingredients in a bowl and then let it rest for a few minutes; then apply the scrub on dry skin and massage in a circular way, from bottom to top, in the most critical points; continue with a general massage for about 15 minutes. You can also leave the scrub on when the cellulite seems most evident, wrapping the part with the transparent film. At the end of the treatment, rinse thoroughly. Do this scrub a couple of times a week, and you will get good results after just one month. If you have a lot of product left, don’t throw it away but keep it in an airtight jar and store it in the fridge, where it can stay for 15 days.


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