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Learn How To Reduce Sugar Consumption In Your Food!

You’ve likely thought of different ways to reduce sugar consumption at some point. That little white grain that seems easy to get rid of shows several obstacles to getting out of the diet. Even because the feeling of missing something or abstinence is familiar when sugar is not so present in food.

This happens because he is one of those responsible for releasing dopamine in the body, a hormone that generates the feeling of pleasure and improves mood. For many, it isn’t easy to be happy and in the air without sugar in everyday life.

If you want to learn how to reduce sugar consumption but are having difficulties adapting your routine, check out the tips below so that it can be controlled in your meals and understand how to lose dependence on this substance to sweeten moments of your life.

How To Reduce Sugar Consumption?

It may seem impossible, but almost anything can be done with adaptation. This way, it is possible to think of simple solutions that will help reduce sugar consumption. Before starting with the tips, know that the process needs to be gradual, that is, one step at a time. Don’t cut out the substance from every meal, as you may not be able to maintain progress, so start slowly and move more aggressively!

Realize Your Food

There is no miracle tip, so remember that to start reducing sugar, you must understand your diet. Whether in coffee, tea, or recipes, it is necessary to know the amount of this substance in each meal. This step is essential to determine whether you need to do more.

Taking this into account helps you understand your diet, if you are consuming too much sugar or if your taste buds are used to sweet drinks and foods. So, grab a pen and paper and diagnose sugar consumption so that you can go to the next step!

Define What Can Be Cut

Now that you know where the excess sugar or the sweet foods are on your menu, you should think about what can be cut or reduced to optimize the results. If you put sugar in your coffee, why not cut the sugar in half? Risk new possibilities because it will be possible to get rid of sugar!

And the same goes for cakes and sweet pastries that need a lot of sugar. If you are making a fruit cake, try to use the fruit in the dough and remove the sugar, as long as your taste is not aggressively altered. 

The important thing is to remember that this substance can generate addiction, so it is possible to reduce it to have a quality of life and avoid future problems. Still, the process should be delicate with your mood, psychology, and other areas of your life! We are also talking about the pleasure of eating, so you should eat and be satisfied and enjoy what you are eating.

Avoid Artificially Sweetened Foods

It is common to focus only on drinks and foods we can sweeten; however, it is essential to pay attention to the industrialized options on your table. Boxed juices, soft drinks, jams, and other sweets that may be on your menu, cannot be in excess. That is, always choose healthy, natural options that taste for you because you improve your quality of life even more and guarantee extra nutrients to replace them!

As previously mentioned, satisfaction must be combined with satiety, so don’t deprive yourself of the pleasures you have in food! Remember that you don’t have to cut out sugar or sweeteners every day of the week. You can enjoy meals that contain the substance on weekends, at a get-together, or with friends.

Make Substitutions

This tip is essential for most people because the key to success is in substitutions. Sweeteners or other types of sugar help reduce the consumption of this substance, so see which option fits in your pocket!

Balance is everything! Be it stevia, honey, aspartame, or even brown sugar; many options can help you on the path on how to reduce sugar consumption. They are great choices to help lower your intake, but they shouldn’t be used in excess.

Repeat The Process

Finally, if you follow the tips above, you will be in a cyclical process that can be optimized more and more! If you go through the first process, it is possible to go much further, such as cutting out sugar altogether in some meals, such as coffee and tea.

That is, the initial phase is the most difficult, so after you adapt your taste and food, you can reach limits previously impossible for you. Know that it is possible to have a pleasant and tasty diet without sugar, so reduce it little by little to see the results!


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