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Midday Slump: 5 Tips For More Momentum After Lunch

After lunch, you often feel tired, sluggish, and oversaturated – who doesn’t know that? These five tips will help you overcome the midday slump.

The early afternoon is probably the most unproductive time of the day – the lunch break is over, and we often feel sluggish, stuffed, and unfocused. Don’t even let it get to that point! The following tips will give you new strength and motivation for everyday work.

Green Tea Provides The Caffeine Kick

A cup of green tea contains around 50mg of caffeine – more than enough to get your cells thriving. However, the effect of caffeine in green tea unfolds more slowly than espresso, cappuccino, and Co., green tea scores with many healthy ingredients. So-called polyphenols, for example, capture free radicals and can thus protect against diseases. From an Ayurvedic point of view, espresso after lunch is a bad idea anyway. 

Don’t Eat Large Portions

If you eat a burger or a significant portion of pasta during your lunch break, you have to reckon with a feeling of fullness afterward. And with a full stomach, you feel sluggish and unfocused. To prevent this, you should eat smaller portions instead of a few large meals throughout the day.

A salad with plenty of protein in the form of eggs, sheep’s cheese, or chicken fills you up but doesn’t overwhelm your stomach. Berries, nuts, and raw vegetables, for example, are suitable as snacks. 

A Walk Brings New Energy

Fill up on oxygen, exercise, and take your mind off things: A walk in the fresh air can work wonders. Digestion is set in motion, the body is supplied with blood, and the lungs and heart are strengthened. Especially if you sit in the office a lot, you should make up for the lack of exercise during your lunch break and after work.

Go For This Brain Food

Walnuts, bananas, dried fruit, and avocados have one thing in common: They provide us with complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and plenty of minerals. Reward yourself with a handful of nuts or a fruit salad with bananas during a midday slump – it gives you new energy and makes you happy!

For Better Concentration: Drink A Lot!

If you don’t supply your body enough water, this can become noticeable through difficulty concentrating and tiredness. Therefore, you should drink at least 1.5 liters a day  – even a little more in high temperatures. Anyone who drinks enough supports their metabolism at work and feels fitter and more alert. If you find it challenging to get to the daily amount you drink, spice up your drink with a squeeze of lemon juice or use herbal teas.


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