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Four Tips For More Motivation While Running

Temperatures are rising; nature is blooming: spring is the perfect season for running. But beginners, in particular, have difficulties in overcoming their inner weaker self. With our four tips, you will motivate yourself to run regularly.

Spring invites you to get some fresh air and do a few laps around the lake or in the park.

Many running professionals now prefer to lace up their sports shoes. Spring is also ideal for beginners to start running.

The benefits of jogging are obvious. Regular exercise prevents cardiovascular diseases, and depression helps reduce stress and helps with weight management.

Jogging is also the ideal sport to lose weight effectively. Even a 30-minute run at a moderate pace burns up to 380 calories.

You can use our calorie calculator to determine how many calories you are consuming.

However, many find it difficult to shed their springtime tiredness and get up for outdoor training. These four motivational tips will help you.

Analyze Yourself

Go deep inside and ask yourself the following questions: What values ​​determine your life? What are your motives? Write down your findings in a motivation diary.

Remember when you last felt really fit – and what was different back then. What possibilities are there to restore these framework conditions?

Look for opportunities and solutions, not excuses and problems!

If you still don’t get warm with running, try something different in terms of sport because the most important thing is to have fun with movement.

I Am Running In Beautiful Surroundings

Walk at least once a week where you can enjoy the landscape. If there is no park or forest in your area, don’t be afraid to travel by bike, car or public transport.

Experienced runners could also combine a weekend trip with a training run. Just go to the sea or to the mountains for jogging: Pack your change of clothes and go!

Or you break new ground and run cross-country sections: This is not only fun, but it also strengthens the muscles and improves endurance.

Find A Running Partner

Find a training partner with whom you can make fixed appointments for running. This creates a sense of commitment and motivates you to run your training.

But how do you find a running partner who suits you? The most important thing is: actively search! For example, you could join a running group or start one yourself.

Walk With Music

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University found that joggers with music more easily stay in rhythm and run more relaxed.

According to the study, breathing becomes wider, deeper, and more even, and the working muscles receive significantly more oxygen – the training effect is optimized.

According to scientists, “The Heat is On” by Glenn Frey should be the perfect running song. But the main thing is that you like the music and it gives you a motivational kick.


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