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Possible Reasons For Weight Loss Following A Vegan Diet

Living Vegan: 4 Tips 

Does the vegan lifestyle inspire you? Do you want to live vegan for ethical or health reasons? 

Preparation Is Key

Unfortunately, not all restaurants, bars and bakeries offer vegan options, so you must prepare yourself. Don’t worry: you get used to it after an initial adaptation phase. We recommend always having basic foods at home, such as lentils, chickpeas, tofu and fresh vegetables. This way, you can make yourself a delicious salad in minutes.

Pay Attention To Macros And Micronutrients

As we have seen, some nutrients are critical in a diet that excludes animal products. Therefore, always make sure you are fully meeting your nutritional needs. As a general rule, remember: your diet should include plenty of fresh vegetables, high-quality protein sources (such as chickpeas) and fiber sources (such as sweet potatoes). For critical nutrients such as vitamin B12, supplementation is recommended. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

Vegan Cooking

Only by cooking can you appreciate all the variety that vegan food offers. We have created vegan recipes for every moment of the day. Put them to the test!

Find Your Favorite Products

Many supermarkets offer a wide choice of vegan food. Be creative and try new combinations!

Muscle Building And Vegan Diet

It has long been thought that increasing muscle mass with a vegan diet was impossible. More recent studies have proved otherwise. Protein contributes to muscle growth, but the source of the protein is still being determined. It is, therefore, possible to replace or integrate animal proteins with vegetable ones.

Vegan Protein Powder To Take Your Training To The Next Level

Our Vegan Protein Based Peas, Hemp Seeds, Rice, Sunflower Seeds and BCAAs give you the protein boost you need, help you make the most of your muscle potential and are the ideal vegetarian ally for sports and regular daily existence. For all those who rely on the energy of plants.

Vegan Diet For Weight Loss

“With a vegan diet, the extra kilos will disappear”. What is true in this statement? Let’s see it together. It is true that by eating vegan, you can certainly lose weight, but even in this case, nutrition is not the only decisive factor.

Possible Reasons For Weight Loss Following A Vegan Diet

  1. by giving up meat and dairy products, you eat more low-fat foods
  2. many vegetables and non-industrial foods are consumed
  3. you are more aware of your lifestyle and your diet
  4. the vegan diet often requires precise planning for the week

Generally speaking, the rule applies: no matter what you eat and how much sport you do, the key to lasting body fat burning is the right calorie balance. With our calorie calculator, you can determine your daily calorie requirement.

Is The Vegan Diet Healthier?

This is the most common question when it comes to vegan nutrition. It is impossible to give an a priori answer, and first of all, it is important to understand what “health” means. On a scientific level, this concept is divided into four definitions :

  1. health as the absence of disease
  2. health as an energy Reserve
  3. health as balance
  4. health as a functional capacity

These definitions show how “being in good health” involves various factors and how physical and spiritual well-being are equally considered. Mental balance plays an important role in a vegan diet because animal life and a conscious lifestyle are in the first place.

A vegan diet can ensure physical and mental well-being by paying attention to sufficient intake of the “critical” nutrients. Many studies confirm these positive effects.


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