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Diet And Exercise: Learn How To Gain Lean Mass

Those who want to increase their physical performance and healthily lose weight without making sacrifices know that it is a challenge that requires changing habits. In this sense, looking for ways to lose fat and gain lean mass is fundamental.

Whether to improve aesthetics or gain muscle strength and endurance, knowing how to gain lean mass is vital for health. However, it is a task that must be done correctly to avoid adverse effects on the body.

To help you evolve without sacrifices and preserve your health, check out this post on gaining lean mass without taking risks!

What Is Lean Mass?

Lean mass is all tissues and parts of the body that are not made up of fat. This category includes muscles, all organs, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and the skin.

However, the muscles take attention when talking about lean mass, especially by people who practice physical activities. Despite this fact, muscle mass represents only a part of lean body mass.

Lean mass is responsible for the organism’s functioning and the balance of vital functions, keeping the metabolism accelerated.

Basically, the greater the percentage of lean mass in the body, the greater the burning of calories and, consequently, the weight loss.

Investing in a healthy diet and frequent physical activity makes it possible to acquire lean mass by increasing muscle mass. This process provides several health benefits, for example:

  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • prevention of obesity and diabetes;
  • improvement of muscle performance;
  • accelerates metabolism;
  • healthy weight loss;
  • better physical performance;
  • greater energy and disposition.

In this way, a person who maintains healthy habits in line with the practice of physical exercises may notice over time that the weight stopped decreasing and went back up. 

Tips For Gaining Lean Mass

Having the ideal body is much more than aesthetic issues; it consists of having a healthy life, preventing diseases and always being in a good mood. For this, lean mass plays a fundamental role.

For the body to increase the percentage of lean mass, it is necessary to take some daily actions which promote benefits and increase the quality of life and well-being.

Learn how!

Start Working Out Little By Little

Bodybuilding is a very efficient physical activity to increase muscles and provide more resistance to the body. The regular practice of this activity promotes quick results, stimulating the growth of lean mass.

With a series of exercises, bodybuilding carried out under professional supervision contributes to losing weight and safely gaining lean mass. Avoiding injuries caused by excessive loads and inappropriate postures. 

It’s interesting to start slowly and at your own pace, gradually improving your performance. Thus, the results will be more consistent and will not require extreme sacrifices or put your health at risk.

Now, if you don’t have much affinity with bodybuilding, several modalities are also efficient. The important thing is not to give up physical exercise.

Do A Food Retraining

A  balanced diet is essential for health and directly influences gaining lean mass. Training with quality and intensity does not provide results if there is not a balanced diet that will meet each person’s nutritional needs.

The idea is to develop a varied and quality diet, considering your training goals. Avoid greasy and high-calorie foods, as they increase fat mass, compromising health.

To stimulate lean mass gain and muscle recovery after physical activity, create a  balanced diet in proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fibres. There are several options for natural and nutritious foods to compose a balanced and healthy diet.

Vegetarian diets generally provide nutrient-rich foods, as their base comprises natural, minimally processed and very tasty ingredients.

Let The Muscle Rest

Rest is essential for health and contributes to the body’s recovery after a day of intense activity. It consists of a fundamental step to increase lean mass and restore energy.

In addition, poorly slept nights influence the body to consume insulin the next day, increasing the possibility of looking for high-calorie foods. A risk that compromises the performance of daily activities and healthy eating.

Therefore, try to rest earlier and sleep between 6 and 8 hours a night, as this rest is crucial for the recovery of cells throughout the body, including muscle cells. During sleep, the body performs important functions to maintain health.

keep Hydration

Regardless of goals or routine, drinking water is essential for anyone, especially those wanting to gain lean mass. It is a habit that, in addition to being healthy, is necessary for the body to maintain vital functions.

Hydration is important for all activities in the body, from cellular functions to body temperature regulation and joint lubrication. Lack of water also causes loss of strength and poor performance in physical activities.

Therefore, water consumption should be constant during the day, also before and after physical activity. Maintaining hydration gives you more possibilities to gain lean mass with all health.

Seek Professional Follow-Up

Having support from expert professionals is essential to obtain safe guidelines for gaining lean mass free of health risks. In addition, it contributes to faster and more efficient results.

Seek support to prepare a healthy and personalized diet that is, considering your body’s needs and your routine. Take periodic exams and monitor your body indices.

It is also essential to rely on professional guidance to do physical activities safely, respecting your limits and goals.

Gaining Lean Mass Is Essential For Health

Gaining muscle mass provides important health benefits that go beyond having a beautiful body. It helps, above all, to improve performance in various functions and activities, whether professional or personal.

In addition to ensuring greater resistance to physical and psychological stimuli, avoiding various diseases that can cause serious damage to health. Therefore, investing in healthy habits to gain lean mass is a great idea for longevity and quality of life.

Health is a concept that involves several factors, such as social, physical and psychological aspects. Mass gain contributes to all of them, raising self-esteem and offering perfect conditions to overcome everyday challenges.


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