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Raw Foods: The Care You Need To Avoid Having Problems

The cuisine is quite diverse and has choices for different types of palates. Among the options, we can mention the dishes that take raw food. In addition to Japanese cuisine, they are also present in typical meals from Peru, Italy, and Saudi Arabia.

However, many people are afraid to ingest such delicacies in this state. After all, they risk getting infected or sick because of inadequate storage conditions for such products. However, it is unnecessary to be restricted and dispense with certain gastronomic pleasures.

Next, you will understand when they are indicated and the precautions that must be taken in the handling and preparation.

Sun As Important As Raw Food

In addition, it is essential to return to the habit of exposing yourself to the sun with due attention since it is the body that produces most of this substance in contact with the sun’s rays.

In any case, protect yourself at this time, and don’t forget to use the most suitable sunscreen for your skin. Regardless of the season, always use the product and avoid the appearance of burns or certain skin diseases.

This content taught you when, why you need to take it, and what precautions to follow when buying your vitamin D supplement. So don’t put your health at risk. First, make an appointment with a doctor, and then find a reliable compounding pharmacy to help you with your treatment.

However, even if you don’t fit into these groups, be careful. Not only in consuming raw meats but when ingesting fruits, vegetables, and vegetables in the routine.

The Main Precautions For This Process

At first, it is interesting to know the origin of certain restaurants before consuming dishes with raw foods. If you are at home, it is easier to control such a situation and avoid the appearance of diseases.

Know The Origin Of The Food

Today, with the help of technology, it is possible to check the origin of food through your cell phone and QR Code applications. In addition, several brands are pretty transparent about how food is planted, handled, and stored. Therefore, check the internet for more information on the subject and preserve your quality of life.

Avoid Cross-Contamination

Regarding raw foods, it is essential to avoid different types of contamination when separating them from cooked foods. Be it physical, chemical, or biological. That said, preserve personal and operational hygiene before having meals, sanitize the utensils and the place of preparation, and adhere to the standardization of the storage process.

It is essential not to use the same knife that cuts the raw food to cut the already cooked meat, for example. And hearts should not be washed, but your hands. According to the Pan-American Institute for Food Protection and Zoonoses (INPPAZ), an average of 40% of foodborne diseases in Central and South America are still caused by preparation and handling.

Clean Up Raw Foods And Used Items

In short, it is necessary to sanitize fruits, vegetables, leaves, and vegetables in a solution of 1 tablespoon sodium hypochlorite to 1 liter of water for at least 15 minutes. Then wash it under running water. Foods with shells can also be cleaned with water and neutral soap with a sponge.

Another critical point is to keep the ceilings, floors, and windows clean to prevent animals from entering the environment. Also, be careful when handling utensils, as it is essential to separate utensils from sweet and salty foods.

Be Careful When Choosing These Dishes In Restaurants

As we said earlier, it is necessary to have confidence in those establishments that serve raw foods. It is, therefore, essential for the company to follow strict quality control rules and procedures. Beforehand, give preference to those with ISO 9000 certification.

Finally, be careful with the delivery of these raw foods. While driving to your home helps to increase the number of microorganisms that promote contamination.


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