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Sleep Health – How You’ve Been Sleeping

Most people believe that sleep is necessary to rest the body and mind. However, while we sleep, a series of reactions occur in our body to reorganize functions and produce certain chemical compounds to ensure the proper functioning of the whole body. Therefore, paying attention to the quality and health of sleep is essential.

Several problems caused or potentiated are directly linked to poor sleep health. Even so, even knowing this alarming information, many people cannot sleep properly due to the rush of a digitally transformed day-to-day life, full of immediacy and responsible for the growing rate of people with health problems derived from stress and lack of rest.

And so, how have you been sleeping? Want to find out more about sleep health? Read on and learn more about the positive influence of quality sleep on the human body.

The Characteristics And Importance Of Sleep

Sleep is the ultimate state of rest. During the rest period, the body’s metabolism slows down, the senses soften, the muscles relax, and the entire rhythm of the body’s internal functions is smoothed to balance all levels of substances, good or bad, within the body.

As you can see, from what you’ve read, sleeping is much more than resting after another day of a hectic routine. Sleep acts as a revitalizing and renewing and directly implies the proper development and functioning of the body and mind.

People who are cultivating sleep health focus more easily, reason more quickly, store and search for information better in the brain’s memory, and control mood and anxiety, in addition to constantly being renewed in the day. Following.

The amount of sleep needed per day decreases over time. Newborn babies sleep approximately 16 hours a day, while the average number of hours of sleep for an older adult is six or fewer.

In any case, it is essential to understand that each organism works differently and, therefore, the number of hours slept may vary from one person to another. Overall, the average recommended by sleep experts is 8 hours a day.

Take a look at this list of reasons why promoting healthy sleep is so important:

  • Better absorption of information;
  • Better and faster memory storage and access;
  • Production, release, and distribution of hormones;
  • Enhancement of the immune system;
  • Energy renovation;
  • Relaxation of nerves, tendons, and muscles;
  • Maintenance of the entire motor and cognitive neural network;
  • Control the feeling of hunger and greater satiety;
  • Cell renewal;
  • Repair of damage caused by sun, cold, wind, and pollution;
  • Regulation and maintenance of mood;
  • Body temperature control.

In addition to these factors, sleep is also linked to growth, obesity control, diabetes, hypertension, and depression, since a series of hormones and enzymes that are very important for the body is produced only while we sleep.

Maintaining a healthy sleep is essential for good performance for those who like to work out or practice physical activities. When we are in deep sleep, our body starts producing hormones that contribute to muscle hypertrophy and mass maintenance, thus promoting improvement in physical performance.

The Effects Of A Stormy Night’s Sleep

As you have observed so far, living in mental and physical fullness is impossible without promoting healthy sleep. The lack of this practice, which is so essential for the functioning of the human body, results and collaborates with the emergence or increase of the following problems:

  • Depression;
  • Decreased libido;
  • Attention deficit;
  • Bad mood and irritation;
  • Memory problems;
  • Impaired muscle hypertrophy.

Of course, these are just some of the harm caused by poor sleep. If you have trouble sleeping or are sleeping longer than you need to, it’s essential to see a specialist.


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