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Fit For Autumn: Three Drinks That Strengthen The Immune System

A robust immune system is essential in autumn. These delicious drinks, which can easily be mixed at home, support the immune system so that sore throats, coughs, and runny noses don’t even stand a chance.

Autumn is here – and with it, the cold season and the feared second wave of the corona. Now it’s time to stay strong – also for the immune system.

These drinks can protect against a scratchy throat, coughing, runny nose, etc., without much effort and taste delicious.

Ginger Shot: Equip Defenses With Edged Weapons

Whether in soups, tea, or shot, ginger is currently the ultimate way to get fit through the fall.

It promotes metabolism, boosts fat burning, and supports the immune system on windy and rainy autumn days.

Thanks to iron, magnesium, sodium, and calcium, ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect and fights the first signs.

In addition, the potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin C contained in the spicy tuber ensure that the immune system becomes more resistant.

Ginger shots are easy to make at home. All you need is a few lemons, fresh ginger or ginger juice, and agave syrup.

Best of all, while many minerals are lost through the hot water when preparing ginger tea, this is not the case with the shots.

The ginger juice is cold-pressed, which means that all the essential vitamins are retained, and the body’s defenses can be fully supported.

Lemon Water With Honey And Cinnamon: A Powerful Trio With Taste

Lemon juice provides a lot of vitamin C; honey has an anti-inflammatory effect, and cinnamon is said to have an antibacterial effect.

A drink made from all three ingredients stirred into the water? A practical and liquid weapon for the oncoming cold wave! It is best to drink the honey dissolved in lukewarm water in the morning with lemon juice and add 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon.

The mixture strengthens the immune system, stimulates metabolism, and keeps blood sugar constant.

A nice side effect: the drink is not only effective against colds but also prevents cravings.

Golden Milk: Fire Up The Immune System

The combination of hot milk, coconut oil, honey, and the golden essence: turmeric is warm and soothing.

The drink owes its color to him and its unique mode of action. The curcumin it contains is said to have a cleansing and stimulating effect on the body and also be able to fight cancer cells. The substance also inhibits inflammation and stimulates digestion.

Pepper is also added to the drink to enhance the effect of the curumin. The alkaloid piperine allows the healing effect of the exotic spice to unfold even more.

By the way: The Golden Milk has its origins in the Indian tradition of Ayurveda, in which turmeric has always been used and used to heal a wide variety of diseases.


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