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Check Out Foods And Habits That Help You Lose Weight

The battle against being overweight keeps many people awake at night. Some even fall into the trap of investing in diets full of restrictions, which harm health and do not bring positive results. And according to nutritionist , certain foods can help weight loss.

“Scientifically, there is no proof that there are foods whose purpose or effect is to accelerate metabolism. We have options that provide energy to the body in a slow but constant way, such as foods rich in fiber and thermogenic foods, which can warm the body, generate heat and facilitate the loss of calories.”

It is worth saying that they do not work miracles and must be combined with a balanced diet and healthy activities. Want to know more about food and the necessary habit changes? .

1) Eat Thermogenic Foods

Thermogenic foods can warm the body, generate heat and facilitate the loss of calories. There is no specific recommendation regarding the necessary amount of each of them to help with weight maintenance. “There is also no specific period to determine the exact weight loss, which depends on the person and varies according to their will, determination, and nutritional monitoring.” They can be eaten raw as an accompaniment to salad dressings or even sprinkled on raw salads. It is also worth adding them to the seasonings of various culinary preparations, such as stews, and being added to juices and teas. Check out some options:

Red pepper: Increases blood circulation and body temperature and aids digestion. It contains capsaicin, a substance rich in antioxidants with an anti-inflammatory action that prevents the accumulation of fats in the arteries. If ingested exaggeratedly, it can lead to stomach irritability. Accelerates metabolism by 20%;

Ginger: It has gingerol, a substance responsible for increasing body temperature, which helps eliminate fats. It also speeds up metabolism by 20%. Excessive consumption can lead to stomach irritability;

Omega 3: In fish (such as salmon and sardines), fish oils, and flaxseed, it helps burn calories and eliminate excess fluids (bloating). It also has anti-inflammatory functions and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Increases basal metabolism, that is, it burns calories;

Green Tea: Reduces the absorption of sugar in the blood, inhibiting the action of the enzyme responsible for the digestion of carbohydrates. Research shows that it can decrease carbohydrate cravings and aid in the proper functioning of the gut;

Mate tea: Contributes to weight loss, in addition to having anti-inflammatory properties.

2) Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

Fiber-rich foods contribute to the process of making peace with the scales. They provide a feeling of satiety and energy to the body slowly but steadily. Among them are whole grains (oats, whole wheat, rye, wheat bran, brown rice), fruits (especially with husks), and vegetables (especially leafy greens such as lettuce, arugula, endive, Swiss chard, watercress, chicory).

It is suggested to consume at least three servings of fruits and two servings of vegetables (preferably raw) and whole grains per day. Excess can cause discomfort, such as flatulence, feeling of a full stomach, and, if the consumption of water is less than two liters a day, constipation.

3) Don’t Fast

Don’t even think about going too long without eating. The wrong attitude slows down the work of metabolism, which tends to save energy. Also, fasting increases the likelihood of consuming more food afterward.

For the proper functioning of the organism, the recommendation is to bet on five or six small meals every three hours. Avoid the consumption of refined carbohydrates (white flour, refined sugar, white bread), industrialized foods (snacks, stuffed cookies, canned goods, sausages), and fried foods.

Check out the menu prepared by nutritionist Alessandra:

Breakfast: Bread (can be whole meal), margarine or white cheese or mozzarella, milk with coffee or tea or natural juice;

Morning snack: Fruit or cereal bar or yogurt;

Lunch: Vegetables, rice, beans, meat. Be careful with supplements, such as sauces, salt, olive oil, and manioc flour, which only increase calories;

Afternoon Snack: Vary with the morning snack. If you ate a fruit earlier, for example, opt for the cereal bar or yogurt;

Dinner: Follow the lunch model in smaller quantities, and avoid heavy foods. Before going to bed, if you’re used to it, drink tea, which should be clear (fennel, chamomile), as green and mate have stimulating effects and can disrupt sleep.

4) Say Goodbye To A Sedentary Lifestyle

Change your eating habits, but spend all day sitting, changing TV channels with the remote? Know that miracles don’t happen, at least not with weight. “What loses weight is eating less and spending more. This means maintaining a balance between the food consumed and the level of physical activity.” When you eat more than you spend, the body stores the extra energy in the form of fat.

Pushing yourself to the gym once a month isn’t worth it. The practice of physical exercises should be regular and guided by a physical education professional. Walking instead of going to the corner by car, switching from the elevator to the stairs and other changes in sedentary habits also help. Move! The scales and health, thank you.

5) Drink Water, Preferably Ice Cold

Low hydration leads to a slower metabolism. So, nothing better than following the good old recommendation: drink plenty of water. It is essential for transporting hormones, vitamins, and minerals, facilitating intestinal transit, and eliminating toxins. The professional remembers drinking eight glasses of cold water daily can burn 200 calories. To raise the water temperature from 5ºC to 37ºC, the internal body temperature, the organism needs to expend energy.


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