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Dumbbells Or Machines: Which Is Better For Building Muscle?

In the gym you have the choice: Do you prefer to train with free weights or instead go to the guided machine? Here you can find out which method is best suited.

When it comes to building muscle mass in the gym, sooner or later, the question arises: what is more effective for building muscle – training with free weights or with machines?

Of course, both methods have their pros and cons. 

More Freedom Of Movement With Free Weights

If you want to use the exercises to strengthen your overall functional movement pattern and muscle mass, free weights and dumbbells can help you succeed. 

“Free weights give you a greater range of motion, which is required for functional tasks like jumping and weight walking,” .

For example, squats with a free barbell produce a stronger reaction and thus more incredible muscle group growth than supported squats on the machine.

For all people who are very short or taller than average, the free weights also offer an advantage over the specifications of the machines:

“Machines often only work in one line and enforce a certain range of motion. So if you’re shorter or taller than the target or norm, you may be training incorrectly,” .

Risk Of Injury Higher

While using free weights can benefit building muscle, it’s not for everyone. Especially beginners who do not receive instructions from a trainer can quickly make mistakes here. 

“With free weights, the body has to do more to help stabilize you. The muscles have to move more and work harder. This naturally leads to greater strength gains,”.

However, if you don’t know how to do an exercise correctly and no one can explain it to you accurately, then it’s better not to do it. In the worst case, the wrong execution leads to injuries. 

The same applies to the selection of weights: Even if free weights improve your stability, increasing the weight too early can be counterproductive. 

Before you reach for more weights, always make sure that you are doing the exercise correctly and using the necessary strength. 

Machines Particularly Suitable For Beginners

The machines are a good choice, especially for beginners or after a break from sports. It is best to have a trainer show you the settings and selection of volume.

As soon as you can use the device safely and 100 percent and build up enough strength, you can also use free weights to train your joint stability.

Good to know: However, using the machine does not mean that the exercise has to be less strenuous. 

“There are machines that are heavier on the muscles than free weights,”  “These systems eliminate the self-stabilizing inertia that objects are subjected to.” Without that inertia, the body has to work harder to compensate. 


Before you decide on dumbbells or machines, you should be clear about where your body is and what your goal is with your workouts. 

If you are unsure, ask for advice or instead use simple machines. This way, you avoid injuries and keep enjoying your workouts.

In general, muscles always need new stimuli to grow. So variance does, and it doesn’t matter if you choose free weights or machines. Just alternate regularly, then nothing stands in the way of muscle growth.


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