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Fitness Trend Crawling: This Exercise Is Even More Effective Than Planking – And Creates A Six-Pack

Are you bored of planks? Then try your hand at crawling! The bear crawl is now the fitness trend and turns your stomach into a six-pack! Fitness Trend Crawling: This Exercise Is Even More Effective Than Planking – And Creates A Six-Pack

As soon as summer and with it the bikini season is over, the onslaught on the fitness studios has subsided. Now is precisely the right time to prepare for the hot temperatures next year, because a six-pack is unfortunately not made within a week. Before you go straight to the forearm support – the holy grail of abdominal muscle exercises – there is also some good news: With the bear crawl, we have finally found an alternative to planking that is even more effective, offers variety and just as the fitness trend is traded at all!


Just Like Planking, Crawling Can Be Built Into Every Workout Because No Equipment Is Required

Crawling For A Six-Pack – This Fitness Trend Is Planking 2.0

Admittedly, crawling sounds strange at first, but it is a fitness trend that no one should leave out. Because the bear crawl, also known as the bear walk, is, strictly speaking, other planking – only more dynamic and thus even more effective for a tight six-pack. “The Bear Crawl is a great opportunity to train the whole body with a clear focus on the core-stabilizing muscles and also to train spatial coordination and control of your own body,” says fitness and personal trainer. 

“While with the plank, one position is only held statically, with the bear crawl, you work actively and dynamically and still maintain strict statics in the trunk to be able to walk forward slowly and in a controlled manner. The crawling is a modern variant of the plank position – the Plank 2.0.” The bear crawl originally comes from Crossfit but has made it into Pilates and yoga studios.

Planking Has A Break! This Is How The Crawling Fitness Trend Works

Particularly practical: the bear crawl does not require any equipment. You can train anytime, anywhere. You are standing on four feet and lifting both knees slightly off the ground to do this. “Now crawl forwards with your arms stretched out, controlling one hand at a time with the opposite foot and slowly moving it forward,” explains. You lean on the balls of your feet and your hands – and, as the name suggests, the gait should resemble that of a bear.

The back remains flat and the shins parallel to the floor – always keep the head in the straight extension of the spine and the entire body under active tension. “The stomach remains tense during the entire exercise, the pelvis is brought into a stable, neutral position, and the shoulder blades are also firmly controlled.” Now move about 20 to 25 meters forward in this position for six sets, with a break of 90 seconds between the units being inserted.

Fitness Trend Crawling: These Are The Advantages Of Planking

Are you a professional at planking, but you still find it difficult to crawl? This is entirely normal! The dynamic movement makes the fitness trend more difficult in coordination than a static plank. The rule here is practice, practice, practice! If you manage the six sets without any problems, the bear crawl can be increased. 

There are numerous variations for this: you can crawl backwards, attach weight cuffs to ankles and wrists, increase the speed of movement, crawl to the side, incorporate shoulder taps, and and and … “In contrast to planking, the bear crawl offers endless possibilities!” says the fitness expert. No wonder the bear crawl is a fitness trend – so put on your sports shoes and get started!

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