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Health And Wellness, Skin Aging: The Benefits Of Collagen

Why Is Collagen important?

Collagen strengthens ligaments and muscles, reduces the tendency to osteoporosis and osteopenia, improves skin elasticity, and prevents and slows down the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, having quality and quantity of Collagen means:

– Prevent or decrease cellulite

– Strengthen nails and hair

– Reduce the appearance of stretch marks

– Improve skin elasticity

– Strengthen the ligaments

– Reduce the tendency to osteoporosis and osteopenia

What Is Good For Collagen?

Collagen synthesis is possible thanks to the presence of two amino acids in the body, glycine and proline, as well as adequate levels of vitamin C. Glycine is mostly present in foods of animal origin such as fish, chicken, dairy products, eggs, as well as lentils, beans, wheat germ, oats, brown rice, broccoli, etc. Proline is present in lean meats, beets, carrots, mushrooms, pumpkin, etc. Vitamin C, strawberries, oranges, acerola, kiwi, lemon, mango, green leafy vegetables, etc. Therefore a diet rich in these foods is already an aid for producing Collagen, which can be increased by taking supplements in liquid and capsule formats.

What’s Not Good For Collagen?

Prolonged exposure to the sun, pollution, smoking, and physical or psychological stress does not favor the production of Collagen, which leads to the formation of free radicals, which perform a negative action on the body, therefore, also of this important protein.

Collagen And Skin Aging

The collagen fibers perform a mechanical scaffolding and support function: they are flexible but very resistant to traction, thus giving solidity to the skin. The older collagen fibers are replaced by younger fibers thanks to a continuous replacement process (turnover). Although there is a renewal of Collagen, at a certain age, the scaffolding function – support of the skin organism fails because it changes from a soluble substance to an insoluble substance. 

In young skin, the Collagen contained is of the soluble type, capable of easily binding to the water of the fundamental substance and maintaining compactness and the right degree of skin hydration. With advancing age, the chemical structure of the collagen fibers also undergoes profound changes, drastically losing their ability to bind to water; for this, we speak of insoluble Collagen, as the skin cannot metabolize it easily. 

The result is an increase in total Collagen (soluble + insoluble) precisely because the “old skin” accumulates a higher percentage of insoluble Collagen in its fundamental substance. To these profound modifications of Collagen is added a marked reduction of GAG and elastin, both factors responsible for the aging phenomenon: deep skin dehydration, skin sagging and, therefore, flabby and wrinkled skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, etc.

100% Natural Products

“Collagen, “this liquid supplement enriched with antioxidants, helps keep the skin toned and elastic and prevents aging. Great for nails and hair. It ensures the functioning of the articular cartilage and bones. Contains mango (vitamins and antioxidants), marine Collagen, glucosamine sulfate (from shellfish, helps the bone and joint system), chondroitin (captures water and nutrients, facilitates the incorporation of calcium into the bones), and many other active ingredients such as horsetail, acerola, nettle, Another supplement in capsules is the “Prostik” which helps to keep muscles and joints in shape, guaranteeing their elasticity. Recommended for sportsmen, overweight people, and menopausal women. The capsules contain Collagen, willow bark extract, claw root extract, gotu kola extract, etc.

“Collagen Beauty Care” is a kit of cosmeceutical products made up of a serum ( Collagen Face Serum ) containing hydrolyzed fish collagen and hydrolyzed sea urchin collagen, chlorella vulgaris extract, and pearl extract. All these active ingredients combine to have elastic and compact skin, reducing wrinkles and preventing them, hydrating, firming, and regenerating.

  1. The “Collagen Day Cream” is a cream with a high percentage of Collagen, 30%. Contains three types of Collagen and four types of hyaluronic acid. To be used every morning.
  2. The “Collagen Night Cream “contains 14% collagen and sea fennel extract, which shows similar activity to retinol. To be used every night.
  3. The “Collagen Face Mask” is a regenerating, firming, and anti-wrinkle mask for the night. It improves the oval of the face and has a lifting effect. Leave the product overnight.

Other excellent quality cosmeceutical products (about 99% natural product) which contribute to maintaining the “most precious dress” we have, or rather our “skin, “are those of the “Lazizal” anti-aging treatment.


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