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How To Gain Weight In A Healthy Week

It seems strange, but just as many people want to lose weight quickly, others seek ways to gain weight in a healthy week.

But did you know that in the same way that being overweight can bring harm to health, being under it too?

Thus, people who are below their ideal weight are more likely to suffer from:

  • Malnutrition problems;
  • anemia ;
  • Vitamin deficiency ;
  • Osteoporosis ;
  • Drop in the immune system ;
  • Fertility problems ;
  • Increased risk of complications from surgical procedures;
  • Issues of growth and development, especially in children and adolescents.

Once the person has been diagnosed as being underweight, they may want to quickly reach their ideal weight and seek strategies and alternatives to gain weight in a few days.

However, as with those who need to lose weight, the weight gain process must occur healthily.

How To Gain Weight In A Week With Health?

The first and most crucial point to healthily gaining weight is consulting a doctor and keeping a follow-up throughout the process.

As much as general information – such as the one you will see below – can help, each person has a unique organism, which requires different approaches to tackling the problem of being underweight.

In addition, receiving a follow-up from a nutritionist can also be a great option. In this way, it is much easier to assemble the diet menus in a way that can be easily applied in your daily life.

Avoid Junk Food

This means something like “junk food” or “junk food” in a literal translation.” We are talking about foods high in calories and low in nutrients, such as soft drinks, sweets, and fast food.

Unfortunately, those who need to put on weight quickly can be tempted to gorge themselves on these foods with the excuse that they will help them gain weight, which is true.

However, exaggeratedly ingesting these foods can also bring a series of health damages beyond weight gains, such as developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, people who consume junk food may be ingesting sugar in excess and consequently have problems such as:

  • Caries in the teeth;
  • fatty liver disease (also known as fatty liver)
  • Insulin resistance (a condition that can lead to severe conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease );
  • Increased levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol;
  • And even cancer.

Choose Healthy Calorie Foods

Instead of junk food, opt for foods that, despite being high in calories, are also nutritious and healthy, such as:

  • Rice;
  • corn ;
  • potato ;
  • Vegetables in general.

Increase Portion Sizes And Skip Snacks

The idea is that cutting out snacks throughout the day can make the person feel hungrier when having one of the main meals. In this way, you will be able to consume more significant portions of food and, consequently, gain weight.

In theory, this can work. However, we cannot deny that some people cannot eat a lot at once in practice. And she shouldn’t force herself to do it, or she might get sick later.

Anyway, this is a tactic that can be tested by those who are not in the habit of eating every 3 hours. So, talk to your doctor about it, see if he approves, and try it out to see if the strategy is beneficial.

Eat More Times A Day

If the above strategy doesn’t work for you, another alternative to gaining weight faster can be to increase your number of daily meals; if you eat five times a day, you can add one more snack to your meal list.

If you are not used to eating between breakfast and lunch, you can try having a snack during this break, consuming, for example, a fruit salad or a natural sandwich with cheese.

Thus, you will have a meal that is not so heavy, and you will be able to increase the number of calories ingested throughout the day, which is suitable for those who want to gain weight in a few days.


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