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If You Want To Lose Weight, You Should Drink A Lot Of Water

If you want to lose weight, you should drink a lot of water! This advice is often heard in the course of a diet. But is that true? And what is the myth all about that you can even burn additional calories just by drinking water? 

The fact that drinking a lot of water is good for general health is already stored in the general knowledge of most people. But anyone who has already tried one or the other successful (or unsuccessful) diet attempt will probably also have encountered the “drink a lot of water” sermon. Because drinking water is supposed to help you lose weight – at least that’s the widespread assumption.

Drinking Water Prevents Cravings

Pure water is healthier than soft drinks or juice. But are you generally less hungry if you only drink water? the effect of sweet drinks on the blood sugar level: “sugar-containing beverages lead to blood sugar ups and downs and thus to an increased feeling of hunger when the blood sugar level drops.” This, in turn, can cause cravings. Those who consistently drink water run less risk of being overwhelmed by sudden cravings for sweets. However, Jörn Utermann also points out that, of course, there is nothing wrong with drinking a glass of juice or cola from time to time. The important thing is to do it in moderation. 

Better To Use Still Water

Whether you prefer still water or sparkling water is probably a matter of taste. But is one of the two variants better explicitly suited for losing weight?. “Still water scores more when losing weight. From a medical point of view, it has been found that the release of the hunger hormone ghrelin after consuming still water is lower than that of sparkling water,” explains the diabetologist.

You Cannot Burn Calories By Drinking Water

A claim that also persists is that drinking water alone can burn additional calories and increase the daily basal metabolic rate. However, Jörn Utermann positions himself very clearly on this: “No, there is no effect on the metabolism. Just as little on the basal metabolic rate and you don’t burn more calories,” says the nutritionist. He further explains: “This effect, called the ‘thermal effect of digestion’, only occurs with the macronutrients protein, carbohydrates and fat. In the case of proteins, we use around 25 per cent of the energy consumed in the digestive process. In contrast, in the case of fats and carbohydrates, it is only around 5 per cent.” The “negative calorie” approach is therefore just a myth.

How Much Water Should You Drink If You Want To Lose Weight?

Drinking water is not a miracle cure for higher calorie consumption, but it can still have slight positive effects on losing weight. Jörn Utermann recommends drinking one to one and a half liters in addition to the average daily water requirement. In total, you would get about three liters per day. he also advises starting the day well hydrated, especially in the morning. “It is best to consume two-thirds of the total daily water requirement in the morning. This prevents unnecessary hunger,” says the nutritionist.

However, you mustn’t overdo it with the water you drink. “If you drink too much water, the concentration of important electrolytes in the body decreases,” warns Utermann. This can even lead to water intoxication (hyponatraemia) in the worst case. In general, however, ecotrophology assesses the expected noticeable effect on additional fat loss from drinking water as relatively small.

Drinking Plenty Of Water Has Numerous Health Benefits

You cannot lose weight by drinking water alone. Nevertheless, one or two more glasses of water during the day – especially before meals – can save calories. The extra portion of the liquid is also suitable for our digestion and heart and brain health. If you don’t drink enough, you run the risk of not concentrating and having digestive problems and migraine attacks.


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