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Lose Weight: 5 Effective Tips Against Cravings

There is a chocolate bar here, a bratwurst there, and ice cream for dessert – sometimes the craving for something sweet, salty, or savory is huge. But is that real hunger or annoying cravings that add loads of unnecessary extra calories?

From an early age, many children learn to finish their plates instead of putting down their forks when they are full.

And as a reward for the eaten lunch, they get candy or snacks – not good conditioning for the feeling of hunger.

But there is good news for those with a sweet tooth: a few measures can help get rid of the limitless appetite for sweets and salty things.

What Is The Difference Between Hunger And Cravings?

When you’re really hungry, the choice of food is unimportant: Whether it’s pizza or potato soup, the main thing is that the body can compensate for its nutrient deficit. When the need is met, you feel full.

If you continue to eat beyond the feeling of satiety or if you feel an irrepressible craving for chocolate, this is called ravenous hunger. This is not instinct-driven but learned behavior.

Cravings show cravings for very specific foods: You have the feeling that you can only stave off hunger with exactly this piece of pizza.

Drink A Lot

Always drink enough water because hunger is often confused with thirst since the brain signals both similarly. Therefore, it is helpful not to let the thirst arise in the first place. 

Healthy thirst quenchers are water, unsweetened tea, or heavily diluted juice spritzers – or even better: infused water.

Movement Against Boredom

Anyone who tends to eat out of boredom should exercise as much as possible.

Whether it’s a  walk in the fresh air or an hour of yoga  – Exercise takes your mind off things and gives you a better feeling for your body.

Lots Of Vegetables

Foods with a low glycemic index keep you full for longer and prevent the roller coaster rides in blood sugar levels that lead to cravings. That’s why you need nutrient-dense meals with oatmeal, beans, whole grains, quinoa, or carrots.

In general, the more vegetables you eat, the better! This provides you with numerous vitamins, minerals, and fiber. With lots of vegetables on the plate, larger portions are also allowed – also currently known as “eating volume.”

Healthy filling foods such as nuts, apples, cherry tomatoes, or vegetable sticks with low-fat quarks are suitable for snacks in between.

Calorie Sins Do Not Come Into The House

Avoid cravings: The fewer calories you have at home, the less tempted you are. Because let’s be honest, the way to the supermarket for the bag of peanut chips is often too far.

Eat A Balanced Diet

The key and most important point to go through without food cravings is eating good and balanced meals with a slightly higher protein content every day.

That could look like this, for example: For breakfast, low-fat quark or soy yogurt with fresh berries, almond butter, flaxseed, and coconut chips. Quinoa salad with fried zucchini slices, peppers, chickpeas, sun-dried tomatoes, dates, and a light honey mustard vinaigrette for lunch. It has fried chicken filet with zucchini spaghetti, feta, and almond crunch in the evening.

Bye, binge eating. Hello, the long feeling of satiety and a healthy lifestyle.


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