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Is The Lemon Diet Good For You? Benefits And Contraindications

There is a lot of talk about the lemon diet, perhaps given its brevity, but is it really good for you? And how is it composed? Here is a series of useful information. Those who want to lose weight and have looked for some information here and there on the net will surely have stumbled upon the lemon diet for weight loss. This fruit is, in fact, a natural reservoir of mineral salts and vitamins, is thirst-quenching, and is a useful ally of the body since it can improve the quality of blood circulation, is an excellent disinfectant, contributes to the dilation of the arteries and the calcium assimilation process. 

Its beneficial functions for the body mainly concern detoxification and purification: lemon is often used even when you are sick, in a classic canary (hot water and lemon), or tea or chamomile. It is also excellent as a natural drink ( lemonade ). Given its beneficial properties for the body, especially in terms of purification and purification, the food is also used a lot in diets.

The Lemon Diet: What Does It Consist Of?

But what does the lemon diet consist of? How long does it last? Are there any contraindications? And how much weight can you lose? How long will it take? When we deal with articles on nutrition and diets, our first recommendation is to contact a nutritionist, or a dietician, in short, a professional who has studied and knows the subject, but above all knows you, as a type of diet it can adapt well to one body and less well to another.

This article will solve the curiosity of knowing what the lemon diet is and what the typical diet is. This type of diet may not be very easy to follow. However, it must be said that time goes into it: it only lasts from 3 to 7 days. With this type of diet, we find ourselves in front of a not very varied menu, in which the predominant part is the lemon. Thanks to its daily intake and at various stages of the day, the body could take on those detox benefits that we have seen above, affecting weight.

Lemon Diet Menu: An Example Of A Scheme

This diet provides a menu that is more or less identical, which also determines the shortness of its duration. More than a menu, we can talk about a scheme to be followed for the foreseen days: if this diet lasts a week, there will be more foods than a diet that lasts 3 days. The 7-day diet plan involves the intake of the following foods during the various meals of the day:

  1. As soon as you wake up: lemon juice in warm water;
  2. Breakfast: fruit salad with red fruits and low-fat white yogurt, almonds, and soy milk.
  3. Mid-morning snack: almonds (less than a dozen, unsalted and unsalted) and lemon juice in warm water; as an alternative to lemonade, organic fruit juice is diluted with water.
  4. Lunch: legume salad with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, fresh vegetable soup with buckwheat bread, kiwi (1), and natural lemonade.
  5. Snack: raw vegetables, lemonade;
  6. Dinner: Fish or chicken seasoned with lemon and oil, boiled or steamed vegetables, and fresh fruit.
  7. Before going to sleep: lemon juice is diluted in warm water.

What Contraindications?

Lemon diet contraindications: are there? If so, which ones? As with everything, there are not only benefits but also possible negative consequences. Given the rigidity of the diet, it is good to respect its short duration. Extending the time because you do not lose weight could have serious consequences on the organism’s health. If the diet doesn’t work, you need to change it (and always consult a professional). In conclusion, the lemon diet is not recommended for those suffering from stomach acid.


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