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Low-Calorie Dinner: The Best Recipes For Weight Loss

For fat-burning to run optimally overnight, you need a low-calorie dinner. We have tons of tips and recipes for you to help you lose weight.

Anyone who starves and suffers while on a diet can breathe a sigh of relief. Walking around in a bad mood all day is not necessary. Eating less overall than you consume is the key to diet success. And that includes a low-calorie dinner.

Low-calorie dinner – that sounds like a few leaves of lettuce or a dry slice of bread. Not so exciting. Fortunately, there is a lot more! Just because you want to save a few calories at dinner doesn’t mean you have to have a bland meal in front of you. Fitness doesn’t just mean exercising, and it also means eating healthy. 

Tips For A Quick, Low-Calorie Dinner

If you have to go fast, nothing beats dinner. Whole grain bread is ideal for a low-calorie dinner. Although this has fewer calories than a slice of white bread, it makes you feel full longer and contains more nutrients.

Cold Dinner: Topping Whole meal Bread With Low Calories

It would be best to be careful when topping your bread because tons of calorie bombs are waiting in the fridge. These include, for example, salami or liver sausage. But there are a few low-calorie alternatives:

This Bread Topping Is Particularly Low In Calories:

  • Sliced ​​turkey breast
  • reduced-fat cream cheese
  • harder cheese
  • Feta
  • cooked ham

The following applies to spreads: replace the butter with tasty, low-calorie alternatives. For example, tomato paste or spring quark is super delicious and light bread.

If the bread doesn’t fill you up on its own, you should supplement it with plenty of vegetables. Vegetable sticks with a low-calorie dip made from low-fat spring quark, for example, are delicious. Also perfect: tomatoes. 100 g comes to only 17 kcal!

Cold, Low-Calorie Dinner: Salad

100 g iceberg lettuce has only 13 kcal: we can eat this until we feel complete. All other leaf salads are similarly low in calories. A large bowl of salad is, therefore, a perfect low-calorie dinner.

To keep the salad full for a long time, it can be refined with a bit of feta or a hard-boiled egg. But be careful: those who let off steam with olives, croutons and tuna will quickly find a small calorie bomb on their plate. It is worth looking at the calorie information before the ingredient ends up in the salad bowl.

Calorie Trap Dressing: 

Vinaigrettes with plenty of oil should be avoided, just like ready-made cream dressings. A broth mixture and balsamic vinegar mixed with a tablespoon of oil are better. Homemade yoghurt dressing with skimmed yoghurt is also tasty and low in calories.

Low-Calorie Dinner – Low Carb With Fish

Pollack, cod or plaice: most types of fish are low in calories and hardly contain any fat. Perfect for a light dinner! The only exceptions are salmon, tuna, herring, eel and mackerel – these fish have quite a bit of fat.

Shrimps and scampi are also ideal for low-calorie dinners. It’s shallow in fat if you grill the seafood on a skewer. Salad goes perfectly with this.

Very Important: 

To ensure that the lean fish stays lean, it should be fried or steamed in a coated pan in just a little oil. You should avoid breeding.

Low-Calorie Dinner – Low Carb With Meat

A low-calorie dinner can also be prepared with meat. Turkey or skinless chicken fillets are ideal because these pieces of meat are shallow in fat and low in calories.

The following applies to fish: the meat should be prepared in a non-stick pan with just a little fat. Vegetables or salad should be served as a side dish with meat.

Low-Calorie Dinner: Light Soups

Whether warm or cold: A soup is a popular evening meal. It is also low in calories if fattening ingredients such as cream, crème fraîche, coconut milk or butter are omitted.

Real lightweights are vegetable broths with plenty of fresh vegetables. A poultry wiener or a slice of bread can also be served. By the way, Gazpacho, a cold soup, tastes excellent during the summer months.

Quick Low-Calorie Dinner: Raw Vegetables With Dip

A couple of carrots, half a cucumber, kohlrabi, paprika or radishes: If you don’t want to do a lot of work, just cut little raw vegetables and enjoy the vegetables with a low-calorie dip.

Low-fat herbal quark or paprika and cucumber quark are well suited. Also delicious and relatively light: tomatoes with a bit of low-fat mozzarella.


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