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Optimal Food – Proper Habits

Who has not been faced with the following question: How to eat right without giving up eating everything that makes you fat? Or even, how will I go out with my friends if I’m on a diet?

Contrary to what you might think, having a healthy life and healthy eating habits is possible; the first step is to recognize for yourself that a complete change is necessary.

The second is discipline and perseverance. Trying to have a healthy life is not and is far from going out with friends or becoming an antisocial person who can’t attend events or happy hour. On the contrary, acquiring healthy habits gives you more energy and courage to do much more.

Unfortunately, today there is much more access to foods known as “empty calorie foods,” without benefits for our health. Every day that passes, we have more things to do and less time to perform everyday tasks, while we end up neglecting food and going for what we can. And what gives? You can eat a hot dog, you can go quickly to the bakery and buy a coxinha or that fried pastry with melted cheese, that cold soda, even better would be with that sugarcane juice with ice, but the sugarcane juice takes a while to To get ready and in a hurry, go for the soda even if it is there within easy reach, open the fridge and get that generous slice of pizza with lots of tenderloins, mozzarella and to improve with a super rim of catupiry.

Well, what we find most are these foods that are easily accessible and in a lot of fast-food stores, filled with junk to attract us. The question is, how much nutrients does a can of soda give you? How healthy is a coxinha or a fried pastry instead of a lunchtime meal? These must be your real concerns!

Another thing I often notice is the amount of “just today” that we say the wrong way to ourselves. Watch:

…girl “only today” I’m going to exchange lunch for this X-tudo…;

…I had a soda for breakfast, but it was “only today”…;

…I ate that bonbon pie, “only today” for the afternoon snack…;

…I ate “just two pots of acai today; I couldn’t resist; I had granola, farofa, powdered milk ., etc.

If you are part of the “only today” team, you must count how many you have used this week; the situation is critical in these cases because we eat “only today” without realizing it! Another concern we must be careful with is the number of trendy foods we eat, such as acai pots with a thousand and one complements (almost always unhealthy) ready-made sandwiches, just microwave and heat, ready-made lasagnas of the most diverse flavors and saturated fats. This can all lead you to gain weight, so being part of the WHO statistics on obesity is not the question. So have we hit rock bottom? Yes, and this circumstance is excellent because how should we proceed? Seek guidance from a nutritionist who will help you with food, will help you combine the right foods,

Another critical step is to try to do the physical activity; you can start with a simple walk, look for a physical education professional, and he can help you look for an activity that you are happy to practice so that it will be something pleasurable and not obligatory.


Healthy habits should not be viewed as deprivation of anything; learning to eat correctly, you can go anywhere, and there is always something that would fit your diet. Another essential thing to know is that we think the wrong way when we think about going out with friends, the thought should come first, it should be the pleasure of being with them, sharing ideas, emotions, experiences and finally eating something and not the other way around, after all, friendship is nourished with companionship, curiosities, moments, good laughs and not with food. Here’s the tip, change your habits and become happier and healthier daily!


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