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Plus-Size Wedding Dresses: INFINITY – For Eternity

Even if Mister or Misses Right has not yet crossed your path and you start all over again, in this article, we celebrate love and give you courage and desire for one of the most beautiful moments in life.

How Was It With Me Back Then?

I’m 41, and I’m a burned-out child when it comes to getting married. I said YES almost 18 years ago, and because of my outdated Catholic beliefs, I am never allowed to get married again in church. * laughs * Free weddings are much nicer anyway.

When I was 21, I thought that I had met my dream man. Little did I know. Was almost a child himself?

My belief in love is still unshaken. Love brings people together, makes them happy, love overcomes boundaries, enables us to achieve incredible things, and is simply beautiful.

The Whole Package – The Whole Wedding Package

The subject of marriage is incredibly important because, for me, there is no question not to marry. 

Whether your wedding is your first, second or third – it is important to tell you that you feel good. That you can find your dress, your style, that you get what you want. I can’t stress enough the importance of sticking to your choices and your style. Because after all, you know each other best.

Because imagine: If you want a princess dress and your mother-in-law thinks a simple wedding dress is better, then by no means let yourself gossip! Do your thing.

I repeat – do your thing!

Recognize The Needs Of Plus Size Brides

As a makeup artist, I have accompanied many brides. I did her makeup, did her hair, helped her dress, held hands when they almost passed out from excitement, and also made up a couple of them twice, at their two big weddings. Sometimes twice as good. * Laugh *

At my rush hour, I had more than 40 brides a year and was thrilled every time. Ironically, I’ve only been to a wedding once in my adult life. Otherwise, I always did makeup and styled.

Plus-size brides have always been my favorite. At our appointments, they told me about their wedding dress odyssey, because in Hamburg the selection of wonderful dresses is simply poor. Quite often, there are stupid looks, bad advice, and the future bride goes home with a bad feeling—the feeling of being too fat and insufficient.

“I would have to design my dream dress for my wedding myself,” I thought to myself.

I want to see a lot more stunning dresses on my curvy sisters. You look so good on them.

After all, they inspire me to start my collection. The Infinity collection was born, and I was full of energy.

Everything should be feasible and feasible from couture to A-line or princess dress. With fine details, bold cutouts, different, interchangeable filigree belts, tulle, wonderful silk, veil material – shine and glory.

The idea for my specially designed clothes was born, and I am more than happy to take on this special topic.

My specially created clothes Trust, Time & Truth from the Infinity collection represent the most important relationship values for me. Because it usually takes time to find the right one. Honesty and trust are two pillars in a relationship that I would not want to do without.

The exclusive boutique is available for you and your girls during your appointment. As much as I love her, my mother was only allowed to attend this day with strict conditions. I love you, mom!

What Does Your Dream Dress Look Like?

I definitely know one thing – my dress must have sleeves! I love myself from the bottom of my heart.Sleeves can always be attached to your dream dress, whether made of mesh, tattoo silk, or lace. I want sleeves. Basta!

The most important question would be (besides the sleeves, of course) which look would you like to see on yourself? Princess, swan, queen, mermaid, vamp, sexy. How do you want to look? Is there a motto for your wedding?

I recommend throwing fashion rules overboard first. We ladies with an extra cozy area cannot hide in a white dress!

Trial dates are there to find your dream dress. You can try yourself out and test different cuts. Don’t turn your fitting into a marathon. The more clothes you try on, the more insecure you might end up being. In a pinch, you can arrange another trial appointment. Please don’t rush into anything!

With champagne and a good mood, your dearest girls are waiting full of excitement for the first big appearance in YOUR dress. What a beautiful idea. A little tip: keep the number of your companions small. Many people have many different opinions that can make you feel very insecure. Take with you people who know each other very well and do not stress you unnecessarily.

In addition to the cut of the dress, the material is also decisive. When buying the dress, I would ensure that it doesn’t wrinkle too much. In particular, thinner fabrics such as silk could quickly create unsightly creases in a simple dress. This doesn’t look pretty in your wedding pictures. Or you put a steamer on the eye of your maid of honor 

For high-quality fabrics, you have to dig deeper into your pocket; that goes without saying. Glitter fabric, crew silk, hole embroidery, cotton sateen, georgette, taffeta fabric, silk sateen … the choice is almost unlimited.

You can also have your dream dress tailor-made, which should be significantly more expensive than off the shelf. I think wearing comfort is crucial and of course, your budget has to be taken into account.

Makeup And Styling

To complete your big appearance, you need makeup and hairstyling appropriate for your type. Let me know that you shouldn’t skimp on this item in your budget plan. I know that the classic bride prefers the natural look, but this also takes time and, above all, should last a long time. Find a makeup artist who understands you and recognizes your needs. She comes to your home on the wedding day, takes care of you, and you can take a deep breath. Styling is your time, your haven from the hustle and bustle. I mostly used earth tones to make up my brides. Many fixing products were used, especially highly pigmented lipsticks and eyeshadow nuances. Highlighter and contouring – a play of light and shadow that I use to round or find fuller faces indispensable. A double chin can be set back; a high forehead is concealed. Makeup is a real magic tool. Please don’t forget: your lipstick should be kissable!

Up Or Open?

Thank goodness classic strict updos are no longer a must these days. Some women like closed hairstyles – that’s nothing for me: a half-up hairstyle, light waves, volume on the top of the head, and a ready look. Many beautiful hair accessories can be incorporated into your style.

Anything that looks too wanted is too strict for me. My favorites are romantic looks, light braided hairstyles, or completely relaxed hair.

And Your Bridesmaids?

I want to have bridesmaids, a whole bunch of great women in the same colored, slightly falling dresses. My girl squad is close to my heart and that I love.

Maybe one of your bridesmaids prefers to wear pants too? Then a color-coordinated trouser suit could be a good alternative.

When buying the dresses, I would make sure that a large selection of sizes is available. Imagine that one of your besties has to wear a different color because their clothing is unavailable. This topic has already caused many tearful discussions. So why not rule it out from the start!

Last But Not Least

On the whole, however, with all the anticipation of preparation, the most important thing is that you celebrate your day with the important people. You always like to remember back and experience an unforgettable day with your loved one to celebrate your love, life, and future together. Because love is the magic power that creates miracles without will.

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