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This Helps With Stress Pimples, Dry Skin, And The Like

Endless to-dos, arguments, little sleep: Everything that stresses you can also show on your skin. What you can do to relax your complexion. This Helps With Stress Pimples, Dry Skin, And The Like

The skin is the mirror of the soul – a saying that is no accident. Studies show a clear link between stress and skin problems. “Skin and psyche are closely linked.”The consultant dermatologist for the popular beauty brand Skin Proud has specialized in the interplay between discomfort and skin problems.

The expert knows: “In the case of short-term stress, for example, due to fear of exams, many react with redness, itching and increased sweating. That’s not bad; it goes away as soon as the tension subsides. Persistent stress is problematic for the skin.” According to studies, psychological stress can change the skin permanently. Here, we’ll tell you why this is so and what you can do for your skin – apart from reducing stress.

Why Does Stress Have Such A Strong Impact On The Skin?

As is so often the case, this is due to the hormones. “When stressed, the brain releases hormones that can trigger inflammation in the whole body – including the skin. At the forefront of this is the stress hormone cortisol, which affects the immune system – and the skin’s self-healing powers are weakened. ” The effects can vary:

  • dry skin
  • itching
  • pimple
  • premature aging of the skin
  • Pigment disorders

Skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, and neurodermatitis can also trigger extreme stress. In such cases, you shouldn’t experiment yourself but quickly go to a dermatological practice.

How Do I Keep Stress From Harming My Skin?

The most effective way to relax your skin is, of course, to reduce stress. The whole organism benefits from this, as does your mental health. We’ll tell you how it works below. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to slow down in everyday life. The skin with the right care during stressful phases cannot be avoided. Your most important anti-stress tips for the complexion:

  • Eat well: Sounds banal. But eating a balanced diet helps improve the body’s stress resilience. With these foods, the stress is gone.
  • Lots of drinking: Ideally, at least 2.5 liters a day so that the skin does not become dehydrated.
  • Thoroughly clean: Even if you don’t have time for it at the moment. A cleansing gel with integrated acid peeling like this one from REN prevents clogged pores. So stress pimples don’t stand a chance!
  • Apply antioxidants: A vitamin serum like this one from Pixi supports the weakened defenses of stressed skin.
  • Use niacinamide: Care with the trendy active ingredient helps reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier. Recommends Skin Proud’s in-house night care.
  • Sleep a lot: while you sleep, cells divide at full speed. Your skin and your entire body can cope with stressful days so much easier.

Stress Makes You Old! But Why Actually?

The proverbial worry lines exist! Those who are constantly under a lot of stress age faster. To explain why this is so, “A permanently elevated cortisol level causes so-called glucocorticoids to rise. These are steroid hormones that reduce the body’s production of hyaluronic and elastin. Hyaluron and elastin keep the skin elastic and firm – the body produces less of it, which is automatic with old age, wrinkles appear, and the skin sags. “

But hyaluronic acid doesn’t just keep you taut. The body’s moisture binder also ensures that the skin does not dry out. If there is a lack of hyaluronic acid, the skin can become tight, flaky, and itchy. Sometimes the opposite is also the case: the skin becomes oily, and stress pimples develop.

Why Do I Get Pimples When I’m Stressed?

“When stressed, various neuropeptides are released in the body. These stimulate the sebum glands and have an inflammatory effect,” the psychodermatologist knows. Anyone prone to blemishes or has acne anyway reacts quickly with stress pimples. Here you will find seven tips that will make you immediately more relaxed.

How Do I Know If My Skin Problems Are From Stress?

Simple advice: ask yourself what your skin looks like when not stressed, for example, on vacation. If your skin problem is better or eliminated, you can answer the question quickly. In other cases, a visit to a dermatology practice helps.

How Can I Reduce Stress?

Meditate, exercise, talk to others – all of these can help. However, not every method works equally well for everyone. “It is important to find a way that you enjoy – so that you do it regularly. Because continuity is the key to success in stress management.”

So there’s no point in forcing yourself to meditate if you don’t like it at all. We have put together a selection of anti-stress sports for you here.

With a sophisticated care routine consisting of thorough cleansing, acids, antioxidants, and CBD, stress will soon pass your skin without a trace. Even so, it would help if you tried to reduce stress as much as possible because it is poison for your skin and your entire physical and mental health.

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