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What To Take To Gain Muscle Mass? Find Out Here!

Today, many people seek a healthier and more balanced life, prioritizing the health of the body. Therefore, it is common to see crowded gyms or people taking walks in parks and streets to achieve the perfect body and muscles. But what to bring to gain muscle mass and have the ideal body?

The answer is simple: dietary supplements. These products help the body to consume all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, among others, necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the metabolism and, at the same time, contribute to physical improvement, muscle gain, weight loss, and improvement of conditioning. Physical, among other advantages.

Keep reading this post and find out what dietary supplements are, what they are for, who can take them and what types of supplements there are and their functions.

  1. What are food supplements?
  2. What are food supplements for?
  3. What to take to gain muscle mass?
  4. Tips on how to gain muscle mass
  5. Recommendations and care to gain muscle mass

What Are Food Supplements?

Food supplements are products that help to complement a regular diet, contributing nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, necessary for the body and that help in the better functioning of the metabolism, help to shape the body with the practice of physical activities and provide bioactive substances, enzymes or probiotics to food.

They have nutritional values ​​that can be consumed alone or in combination. But it is important to emphasize that food supplements are not medicines; they do not replace meals and are recommended according to the needs of each one.

For people with a particular health situation, nutrient deficiency or disease, the ideal is to seek guidance from a medical or nutritional professional to consume the supplement correctly and safely.

What Are Food Supplements For?

Food supplements complement food, supplying the nutrients necessary for the body to function correctly. According to research published in the Revista Médica of the Federal University of Paraná, it can also be indicated for people who do not have time to have an adequate meal and do not obtain the necessary nutrients; It can also be consumed before or after physical activities or during long-term training.

Another characteristic of food supplements is that they have an ergogenic action; that is, they can enhance any strategy that involves a work capacity, such as, for example, the process of muscle hypertrophy, which, with supplementation, can achieve efficient results.

The substances in the supplementation are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, intermediary metabolism substances and other plant and animal extracts. Also, according to Revista Médica, there are so-called convenience supplements (energy bars and drinks with carbohydrates and minerals), which are produced with the number of calories and substances necessary to act in gaining or losing weight and improving physical performance.

What To Take To Gain Muscle Mass?

Currently, there is a diversification of food supplements on the market that help in mass gain and training. Meet some of them.

Whey Protein Or Other Proteins

It is a protein derived from whey that helps in muscle recovery, contributes to the increase of muscle mass and has a faster absorption by the body. Nowadays, there is a version with vegan proteins, which provides the same effect.


Creatine is one of the most sought-after supplements and ideal for those on a diet to gain muscle mass because it helps with strength gain, muscle expansion and mass muscle gain.


Multivitamin supplements help accelerate muscle recovery and favor maintaining the body, which is fundamental to health.


Hypercaloric supplements have high concentrations of calories and are ideal for people who tend to have some problems gaining weight and muscle mass. Using too much can cause fat accumulation.


Glutamine is an amino acid produced by the body and is the substance with the highest presence. Glutamine supplementation helps to prevent the fall of these amino acids in the body after training, which would impair muscle recovery. It also helps in gaining muscle mass.


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