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Are You Constantly Stressed? With These Tips, You Can Still Eat Healthily

Stressed and lack of time are your constant excuses why you can’t eat a balanced diet? These tips end because a eating healthy diet does not always take a lot of time.

Maintaining a healthy diet every tan is not easy for most of us. This is often because we simply don’t have the time to prepare a healthy meal and then enjoy it in a relaxed manner.

Instead, you grab the first thing you get from the canteen or the nearest snack bar. But with the tips and tricks , you can also manage to eat healthily between the stresses of work and leisure.

Rules In The Canteen 

Numerous traps lurk in a canteen because the selection is often so large and there are many ready meals with unhealthy additives. he advises sticking to vegetables and proteins in this situation.

When assembling a meal, it is best to fill half the plate with vegetables, whether raw, boiled, grilled, steamed or in a salad. A quarter of the container is filled with proteins (chicken breast, tuna/salmon, cheese or black beans) and an eighth with carbohydrates (pasta, whole wheat bread). 

The last eighth consists of high-fat foods, salad dressing, olives, avocado, nuts, and cheese. This combination forms a good guideline for canteen meals.

Dining At The Restaurant

The same rule of thumb applies when eating out in restaurants: choose vibrant dishes in vegetables. Regarding carbs, you can ask the waiter to substitute whole grains (such as wild rice or quinoa) for white rice or potatoes.

Instead of red meat, the expert recommends either poultry or fish. It is best to keep your hands off anything fried, crispy, gratinated, stuffed or served as a gratin. A lot of calories and fats are usually hidden here. 

Salad dressings should be ordered separately, so you can choose how much to use or skip them altogether and use olive oil and lemon instead.

Healthy Snacks 

The best on-the-go snacks are not only healthy but also convenient. A banana, an apple or a handful of nuts can be packed easily and quickly. According to the expert, there is only one rule here: “If it fits in your hand, it’s a snack. Anything bigger is already a meal.”

Meal Preparation

Here we have tips for those who want to eat at home more often but have little time for preparation and cooking: Buy fresh vegetables once a week, wash them immediately and store them in the fridge.

Vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower can be cut straight into bite-sized pieces, saving time later when cooking. Carrots and zucchini can also be grated beforehand and later used in salads or wraps. Most vegetables can also be frozen well and made to last longer. 

Large portions are always cooked, so you can either save something for the next day or freeze it later.

Fast Dishes 

If you are not a fan of elaborate dishes, you can also prepare a healthy meal in just a few minutes.  for example, there is an omelet for breakfast: “I add whatever vegetables I have on hand – onions, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, avocado, baby spinach – and some cheese. It has plenty of protein to keep you full for longer and is good for your head.”

For lunch and dinner, she recommends salmon—a great source of protein that’s ready in minutes. There’s also a quick cucumber and tomato salad and some quinoa.

“Quinoa is prepared in 15 minutes. Once cooked, it will keep in the fridge for five days. You can use it as a side dish or in a salad.”

If you want to eat something late in the evening, it is best to eat proteins and not sugar.  favorite snack consists of tuna with balsamic vinegar, baby tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, hummus and vegetables.


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