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4 Foods That Strengthen Beauty From The Inside Out

How we eat influences our external beauty and, mainly, our inner beauty – our organs, cells, and intestines are clean, healthy, and fluid, detoxifying everything that no longer serves the body. And that inner beauty, provided by a healthy lifestyle and diet, undoubtedly generates hydrated skin and a more beautiful and luminous outer appearance!

We will only benefit when we choose a cleaner diet, which helps our body flow. But what does that mean in practice? We should adopt an intelligent diet made with whole foods and, preferably, from organic cultivation. In other words, real food.

After all, nowadays, the vast majority of people eat processed, industrialized, refined food with added salt and sugar, hydrogenated and rancid fat, and excessive animal foods. All of this intoxicates us, fattens us, and steals all our inner and outer beauty.

Therefore, we need to eat more plant-based and whole/whole foods, which are well-received by our body and help it clean and detoxify itself harmoniously and effectively. See below four foods that will make a big difference in your beauty from the inside out and the outside in.

1 – Lemon

It is a highly alkalizing, detoxifying, and mineralizing food. It helps clean our body, expelling mucus and other unwanted toxins. In addition, it is highly recommended to be added to your daily food, especially legumes, as it helps our body better absorb the iron from these foods. In addition, you should consume a glass of water at room temperature daily with lemon juice to enjoy the fruit’s benefits.

2 – Chia And Flax Seeds

They are wonderful for helping our body detoxify and clean the entire digestive tract well. When we soak chia or linseed seeds in filtered water for a few hours, they form a gel and become bioactive. This gel, when consumed with the seed, will clean our organism beautifully, providing essential minerals and vitamins for our body to function properly. I recommend using these seeds daily in fruits, vitamins, juices, and food.

3 – Dark Green Fruits And Vegetables

They are basic foods in an intelligent and clean diet. They provide fiber and lots of water – which hydrates our skin and “gives” us more color, as they help with their vitamins in pigmentation when we get the sun. It is important to remember to consume very ripe fruits and fresh vegetables, as they have more flavor and vitality and are bioavailable for our body to absorb all their nutrients perfectly. Eat them pure, whole, as much as you can. You can blend the fruit into smoothies and even add leafy greens for a delicious, whole-green smoothie. In this way, you will consume the fibers of the fruits that make their entry into the blood smoother, avoiding glycemic peaks.

4 – Coconut Water

She’s wonderful to us. It is structured water and has vitamins and minerals, thus being able to hydrate and replenish nutrients. It’s natural isotonic and much better than industrialized products! Therefore, I recommend that you consume coconut water daily. This will help a lot in the daily hydration that we need to have to make our body beautiful from the outside in and, of course, from the inside out.

Detox juice or green juice is a strategy to include in your routine that will help improve your immunity, as it provides a set of vitamins, minerals, and bioactive antioxidant compounds that contribute to strengthening the immune system, enhancing the detoxification process of the organism!

How Detox Juice Can Help Immunity

Our body has a natural detoxification mechanism, mainly carried out by our liver, which depends on other factors and, cofactors, nutrients. Some nutrients will help and make it possible for this natural mechanism of our detoxification organism to work more effectively! But it’s not drinking juice that will trigger this whole system.


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