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Cashmere Love: 3 Wonderful Cashmere Sweater Looks That Are Trending In Autumn

With the cold temperatures, it’s time to cuddle up on the sofa with your favorite sweater and a hot tea. Now a very special material is celebrating its seasonal comeback that envelops us in warmth: There is hardly anything cozier than cashmere in the fashion world. Cashmere sweaters offer the maximum comfort factor, but they come at a price. We reveal why everyone loves cashmere and which looks are trendy.

Cashmere and luxury are closer together than you might think. Cashmere is also known as fine wool. With good reason: Cashmere fibers are very fine fibers extracted from the under the hair of cashmere goats. To understand: A sweater consists of two to three goat skins. Production can only begin when the goats lose their winter fur when they change their coat in spring.

How Expensive Is Cashmere Fashion?

Cashmere is not for the budget. This is mainly due to the production of precious wool, which is tedious and expensive. Another problem is that the wool can only be removed once a year. Conversely, if goats give off less under hair, only a limited amount of cashmere fashion can be produced. That has its price. Generally said: 100 grams of cashmere wool can cost up to 120 euros. Sweaters made of noble material start at 100 euros, but they are significantly more expensive in most cases. If a cashmere sweater has a price tag of 50 euros, you should be suspicious. The sweater is then most likely not made from 100 percent cashmere wool.


Cashmere: What Are The Advantages Of Fine Wool?

  • soft and cozy texture
  • lightweight
  • high elasticity for a comfortable fit
  • warms even with a thin layer of fabric
  • versatile designs in fashion

Real Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

When the temperatures drop to zero in autumn, turtleneck sweaters shouldn’t be neglected in any wardrobe. The knitwear can be styled in various ways and can be pimped up with a coat, denim jacket, and leather jacket. Once a staple for students, the turtleneck has become a favorite among all other people in the cold season. If you want to be fully cuddly, you are well served with turtleneck pullovers made of cashmere.

The XXL rib-knit sweater is super soft and looks great with tight slim jeans or a pleated skirt. The powder pink cashmere sweater by INCLUDE is a bit more delicate. The hand-knitted sweater stands out due to its coarse plait details and the knitting pattern. 

Cashmere Tank Top

The sleeveless top is celebrating its comeback and is considered the ultimate fall trend in 2021. Once a piece of clothing for grandfathers and grandmothers, young people opt for the grandpa style. Combined with high-contrast accessories, the tank top becomes a great it-piece with a coziness factor. Timid colors like light blue meet mustard-yellow models. In autumn, it can be a little bit of color this year. The tank top by INCLUDE is available in three variations. It consists of 75 percent cashmere and 25 percent silk. An eye-catcher is the overcut shoulder, which makes the tank top look particularly exciting.

Oversized Cashmere Cardigans

The trend for oversized cardigans is nothing new. The loose version of the classic can be easily combined with other pieces. It is especially popular in autumn and winter: the onion look provides warmth and looks great when stylishly staged. There are also cardigans made of cashmere for stylish everyday outfits. The trend-setters are particularly fond of cardigans with a balloon look like those from INCLUDE. The Bordeaux-red model made of cashmere and silk with a V-neck has an elegant pearl-catch structure.

Caring For Cashmere Properly: Here’s How

A noble material like cashmere also needs to be properly cared for. Important: Cashmere should be stored in a dark place and folded. Cashmere fashion can lose its shape on the hanger. Therefore, it is essential to wash cashmere in the washing machine on the wool program at a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius. It keeps its shape when lying down. For further tips about care, please refer to the label.

Cashmere Is The Luxury Fabric For Autumn And Winter

Hardly any other material is as noble as cashmere. And everyone loves it. So it’s no wonder that cashmere garments are mostly limited. With cashmere, great comfort meets style and a touch of luxury. 

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