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Discover Ten Habits To Have Healthy And Beautiful Skin

When talking about healthy skin, the use of sunscreens and other topical products quickly comes to mind. Although many do not know, the skin is an organ; more than that, it is the largest organ in the human body. Therefore, care and special attention are fundamental from an aesthetic point of view and a health and functionality point of view.

If you’re looking for healthy, beautiful, and functional skin, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. This article has gathered ten habits that can be incorporated into your routine to achieve this goal.

Ten Habits To Achieve Healthy And Beautiful Skin

Check out now ten straightforward habits to conquer the much-desired and dreamed-of healthy skin. Let’s go.

Start Drinking Water

The first habit is effortless: hydration.

Hydration is the replacement of water in the body. About 65% of the composition of human beings is water. This vital liquid is essential for the functioning of all systems and organs; the skin is included in this.

When the organism is hydrated, the skin naturally becomes healthier. People who drink little water have more opaque, rough, and dry skin. Although the use of moisturizers helps to hydrate the skin, the ideal is an adequate intake of liquid.

Manage Stress

More and more studies demonstrate the effects of stress in all areas of the organism.

We now know, for example, that the skin has receptors for hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, released in stressful situations.

Some diseases are triggered or worsened by chronic stress. For example, we can mention vitiligo, atopic dermatitis (allergies), hives, and psoriasis.

These hormones, which appear together with stress, compromise the lipid composition of cells (all body cells have lipid membranes).

Avoid Cigarettes

Here we have another habit that will help anyone who wants to achieve healthier and more beautiful skin: not smoking.

The nicotine in cigarettes negatively interferes with the skin’s health, directly affecting the vigor and shine, making the complexion more yellow.

In addition to functional skin problems, smoking contributes to wrinkles around the lips and eyes, as smokers need to close their eyelids to protect themselves from the smoke.

Smokers usually show premature aging because smoking interferes with the natural production of collagen, a substance of great importance for skin firmness.

Don’t Squeeze Pimples, And Avoid Taking Your Hands To Your Face

This habit is difficult to practice, but it is essential for anyone looking for healthy and beautiful skin.

When squeezing any pimple, the skin is negatively affected. Hands and nails accumulate much dirt and waste throughout the day. Thus, direct contact with the skin can give rise to localized inflammatory processes, bruises, and spots.

In the case of pimples, the ideal is not to squeeze them but to let them dry on their own or use products recommended by a specialist for this purpose.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Consuming alcohol in moderation is yet another habit that should be acquired by anyone looking for healthy and beautiful skin.

Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of people who have reddened skin when consuming alcoholic beverages? This is because ethyl alcohol is a vasodilator substance that causes blood vessels to expand.

In addition, the substance stimulates the production of free radicals that, when in contact with healthy cells in the body, end up damaging their structure and functionality. When skin cells undergo this action, there is a stimulus to premature aging and sagging.

So the tip is to moderate your alcohol consumption and remember to hydrate together whenever you do.

Practice Healthy Eating

Practicing a healthy diet is essential for skin health.

Foods rich in sugar, sodium, preservatives, or rancid fats, such as saturated or trans fats, intensify the production and the action of free radicals on the skin. The result is inflammatory processes, such as cellulite, and sagging and dryness.

The ideal, in this case, is to prioritize foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and quality fats.

Vitamin C helps with collagen synthesis, making the skin firmer and more resilient. Orange, acerola, lemon, and passion fruit are excellent sources of this vitamin.

Protect Yourself From The Sun

This is a habit that everyone should have. Although sun exposure is essential for synthesizing vitamin D, it is necessary to protect yourself from the sun, especially at peak hours from 9 am to 4 pm.

The best ways to protect yourself from the sun are using sunscreens recommended by experts and physical barriers such as wearing long clothes, caps and hats, sunglasses, and an umbrella, for example.

Use Moisturizing Creams

In the same way that the dermatologist indicates which sunscreens should be used, he is the professional who will tell which is the most recommended moisturizing cream for your skin.

In a standard way, moisturizing creams have distinct and specific characteristics for each type of skin.

Thus, creating the habit of using this product is an option for those who want healthy and beautiful skin.

Bet On Some Supplements

Some supplements can be used to promote skin health. Although collagen is the most known and obvious, other options benefit skin health.

Astaxanthin is a little-known supplement. Coming from the carotenoid family and red-orange, it gives the characteristic color of some crustaceans (shrimp and lobster), fish (trout and salmon), and microalgae ( Haematoccocus Pluvialis). Supplements based on this seaweed have a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action that can be noticed in a few days.

When prescribed by an expert nutritionist, alternately consuming these supplements naturally results in healthy, beautiful, and functional skin.

Visit A Professional Regularly

And the last habit you should have to have healthy skin is to visit an expert and trained professional you trust regularly.

As you know, a dermatologist is the professional responsible for the care and maintenance of skin health.

If you are looking for beautiful and healthy skin but still need to find a dermatologist you trust, your search ends here.


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