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Five Exercises For Seniors To Practice At Home

Doing physical exercises at home to keep the body moving during the pandemic had become the option for many older adults who, before social isolation, maintained the habit of exercising in parks and outdoors.

The elderly group was one of the most affected in this period we are going through. In addition to the difficulties to continue with the practice of physical activities, they cannot meet with family and friends, all to stay safe against covid-19.

The solution is to adapt and do some physical activities at home, so you don’t know when to stand still. After all, moving the body often helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, bone diseases, avoid pain, and improve mood. 

Before starting, it is essential, if possible, to consult a doctor and have a good meal before and after the activity. It is also necessary, during exercises, to always stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water.

We selected five easy exercises to be practiced indoors during social isolation. Check out!

1- Squat

An exercise that can be done with the help of a chair or sofa. The squat is essential to work the muscles used when getting up and sitting down, a movement that is difficult for many seniors to do. 

To do this, you have to sit on an armless chair and try to get up on your own, without leaning on anything. This way, you will work your thigh muscles. The recommended thing is to do three sets of 15 repetitions, with intervals of 15 minutes. If there is any difficulty, you can start with fewer repetitions and work your way up as you feel more comfortable. 

2- Stationary Gear

If the recommended thing is for the elderly to stay at home and not go out for morning walks, why not try to walk indoors? The “still walk” can be a good option. 

The older adult should make movements that imitate walking, bringing the knees to waist height, if possible, or as high as possible. It is essential to maintain an upright posture and change the movement of the legs. Stationary walking can be done for 30 minutes or throughout the day, in blocks of five minutes each, every two hours. 

3- Weight Lifting

To move the arms and keep them toned, the elderly can do some exercises using objects and products found at home, such as food packages with about 500g or 1kg each. 

Sitting with feet flat on the floor, the older adult should hold the weights, stretch their arms by their sides, and raise them to shoulder height – or the most comfortable size for them. To start, you can do two sets of ten repetitions. 

4- Sit Down And Extend Your Knees

Now it’s time to move your legs and work your knees. Sitting, the older adult should lift both legs off the floor, stretching each one forward, then returning the legs to the starting position. Three sets of 15 repetitions are recommended to be done, respecting some intervals between each one. 

This activity is an option for those who have some difficulty or cannot do the “squat.” 

5- Squeeze And Release

For those who suffer from weakness and lack of firmness in their hands, a simple squeeze and release exercise can help strengthen the muscles and joints of the fingers.

This activity can be done with a specific ball to be squeezed, but if the older adult cannot find it, he can adapt using a sock ball. And it’s straightforward to do: press the ball, with no repetition limit, throughout the day, whenever you remember to do this exercise. Watching television, for example, can be a good time. 

Did you like our workout tips to do at home? Be sure to move your body because you can’t go to the gym or walk in the park. The important thing is to keep taking care of your health. Practice physical activity and live better!


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