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Natural DIY Face Masks: The Best, Quick To Do

Want to combine creativity and skin care? Here are the best DIY face masks to try at home for beautiful skin. We present the most accessible and fastest DIY face masks to replicate at home, based on natural ingredients and delicious for the skin. It must be admitted it took work to choose the best do-it-yourself natural face masks among so many delicious recipes like a dessert!

To achieve this, we have taken various elements into account: the needs and problems of different skin types, the availability of ingredients, the speed of preparation, and the ease of implementation. 

To produce the masks, we advise you to prefer organic products or products whose origin is known, whether it is a trusted shop or, for the luckiest ones, the vegetable garden or the garden of the house.

They can be more effective than the best face masks on the market, and they sure are fun natural face masks to make. For each product, you will find images, characteristics, and information on the process. Let’s open the fridge and pantry and create the best DIY face masks.

Nourishing DIY Face Mask For All Skin Types

Home remedies to awaken and tone the skin? Coffee is trendy, thanks to its anti-aging and antioxidant properties. To prepare this super nourishing DIY face mask, you need three ingredients  :

  1. coffee grounds ;
  2. One tablespoon of organic honey ;
  3. One tablespoon of almond oil.

After enjoying a nice steaming cup, let the grounds cool. Then add them to almond oil, selected for its elasticizing and softening power, and to honey, which is antiseptic and nourishing. Mix the ingredients well with different textures, and apply the paste on the face with a brush. Serum and moisturizer, and the skin is soft and nourished!

DIY Face Mask For Dry And Very Dry Skin

The protagonist of delicious desserts and sweet milkshakes, the banana can also become a precious ally in skincare for DIY moisturizing face masks! For this treatment, you need four ingredients :

  1. One ripe banana ;
  2. Two tablespoons of organic white yogurt;
  3. Two teaspoons of organic honey;
  4. One tablespoon of organic extra virgin olive oil.

Reduce the pulp of a ripe banana to a cream with the help of a fork, then add the yogurt and honey, with moisturizing, nourishing, and antiseptic properties, to obtain a full-bodied but easy-to-take mixture. Then spread it on your face, helping yourself, if necessary, with a brush. If the skin is severely dehydrated, add a spoonful of olive oil, rich in highly nourishing fats, for the skin. Apply the mask on a dry and clean face for about 15-20 minutes, rinse, and continue your moisturizing routine.

DIY Face Mask For Oily Skin

The cucumber mask for oily skin is undoubtedly among the best purifying acts at home! Cucumber is rich in sulfur and vitamin C, which are helpful in refreshing and purifying the skin. There are three ingredients needed :

  1. One small cucumber;
  2. One tablespoon of organic white yogurt ;
  3. One tablespoon of organic lemon juice.

The preparation is simple: blend the cucumber with the plain yogurt and lemon juice until you get a creamy mixture that doesn’t drip. To further enhance the effect of the mask, you can add a few drops of lemon essential oil, astringent, or tea tree, with antiseptic action. But be careful if you decide to do this mask during the day: lemon juice is photosensitizing, so use only products with SPF or minimize exposure to the sun to avoid the formation of spots.

DIY Face Mask For Combination Skin

The protagonists of this plant-based DIY face mask for combination skin with an exotic flavor are avocado and coconut oil. Here is what you need:

  1. One tablespoon of cold-pressed coconut oil;
  2. half a teaspoon of nutmeg ;
  3. a quarter of ripe avocado pulp.

To prepare this truly remarkable natural face mask, mash the avocado pulp with the prongs of a fork, add the coconut oil and nutmeg and mix until you get a smooth cream. Apply on the face with a light massage, rinse after 15 minutes, and the skin will be clean and very soft! Avocado nourishes, hydrates, and fights free radicals responsible for skin aging. Coconut oil is rich in antibacterial and antioxidant acids, as well as vitamins and fats, which help maintain skin tone and elasticity. Finally, nutmeg gently exfoliates the skin, eliminating dead cells.

DIY Anti Wrinkle Face Mask

Is it necessary to restore the lost nourishment to the skin and an extra dose of elasticity and turgidity? We’re relying on avocado again for this super-quick DIY anti-wrinkle face mask! You only need two ingredients :

  1. half a very ripe and soft avocado;
  2. Three tablespoons of avocado oil.

Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids with excellent cell reinforcement activity, this organic product assists the skin with feeling more conditioned, limiting kinks and articulation lines. For this cover, the mash of a portion of an exceptionally ready avocado is sufficient (it should be extremely delicate to the touch ), and three tablespoons of avocado oil, feeding but light on the skin. Blend all that and apply the combination on the face for 10 minutes, then wash with warm water.


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