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Natural Organic Cocoa, In Grains Or Powder: Benefits And Recipes

Cocoa is an exquisite natural food rich in bioactive compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and stimulating action. Naturale offers natural organic cocoa powder or grains to bring all the benefits of cocoa to the table, using it in sweet and savory recipes.

Cocoa, The Drink Of The Gods

Cocoa is a functional food whose consumption has been widespread for about three thousand years for nutritional and medicinal purposes. It is a product obtained from the seeds of Theobroma cacao, a plant native to Central and South America whose name means “drink of the Gods”, as the pre-Columbian civilizations defined it. The name derives from the exquisite taste of cocoa and its beneficial properties for human health, subsequently attributed to the different bioactive compounds that characterize it.

In fact, in addition to carbohydrates, proteins and fibers, cocoa beans also contain B vitamins, minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and iron, phenolic compounds, flavonoids and alkaloids, the latter mainly represented by theobromine. The beans are odorless, very bitter, and astringent as soon as they are picked. Still, thanks to the fermentation and roasting processes, the organoleptic properties change, giving the cocoa the aromas and taste we know. 

The cocoa beans, after harvesting, are roughly removed from the pulp and left to ferment for a few days, after which the seeds are dried and toasted. Later the seeds can set up the chocolate or ground to acquire the grains and cocoa powder. Naturale offers ordinary cocoa from natural cultivation in beans, grains, or powder among its superfoods. These items hold every one of the properties and advantages of cocoa beans, on account of drying at low temperatures, safeguarding their supplements.

Properties And Benefits 

Cocoa has various advantages for our well being because of its cell reinforcement and mitigating properties and the exhilarating activity on the focal sensory system. Cocoa beans and, therefore, cocoa powder and grains are a wellspring of polyphenolic compounds with a high level of flavonoids, specifically catechins and flavanols. Because of the collaboration of these substances, cocoa consumption works on the usefulness of the cardiovascular framework, lessening pulse, directing cholesterol levels and expanding the versatility of the vessels and the ease of the blood. 

The improvement of vascular capacities, joined with the animating activity of theobromine, likewise welcomes benefits on a mental level, upgrading memory, consideration and focus. Consuming cocoa can further develop sports execution and muscle recovery after actual work or extreme exertion. Cocoa is additionally tasty, and its flavor is exceptionally satisfying: cocoa utilization can end up being a decent assistance in physical and mental pressure and better endure low-calorie diets and forbearance, for instance, when you choose to stop smoking.

Cocoa powder or Natural Bio grains can be added to sweet and flavorful plans to offer every one of the advantages that would be helpful with taste.

Recipes To Bring Cocoa To The Table With Taste

Natural cocoa powder is natural cocoa obtained by grinding the seeds of plants grown organically in the countries of origin. The cocoa beans, after harvesting, are dried at low temperatures and processed through processes that best preserve their nutrients and bioactive compounds. The resulting cocoa powder is fine and very aromatic and can be dissolved in yogurt, smoothies, shakes, milk and other drinks or used in doughs for cakes, muffins, biscuits, baked or spoon desserts.

On cold winter days, how to give up a comfortable cup of hot chocolate to be prepared with cocoa powder, milk (including vegetables), flour and sugar: a simple but rewarding recipe for the whole family. A lighter and more dietetic drink to take advantage of the benefits of cocoa powder is instead of the banana and cocoa smoothie, which is prepared in a few minutes with a ripe banana, a cup of soy milk and a teaspoon of organic cocoa powder. Cocoa powder can also be used for savory recipes: it can be added to the fresh pasta, replacing a small amount of flour with cocoa powder. 

These nibs can instead be consumed as a snack or added to shakes, chocolate smoothies, ice cream, milk and yogurt to decorate, give taste, benefits and a touch of crunchiness. Alternatively, it can be used in cake and biscuit dough, combined with muesli and porridge for breakfast or to accompany blue cheeses, including vegetable ones. Consumed in moderation, NaturaleBio cocoa powder and grains will give flavor to every recipe and offer extra help to increase wellbeing and better cope with physical and mental stress.


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