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This Is How Blue Cell Phone Light Affects Your Skin

Caught, you’re in front of a display again! But does that make you look old in the end? We asked a skin expert about that. This Is How Blue Cell Phone Light Affects Your Skin

Face the Facts: Blue light is not suitable for the eyes, it robs you of sleep, and now it is said to damage your skin. The beauty industry is jumping up and developing care with blue light filters.

But do cell phones and the like damage your skin? 

What Is Blue Light Anyway?

Everyone has probably heard of blue light at some point. Until a few years ago, nobody thought about it. But now, there are even special glasses supposed to filter blue light.

But what exactly is blue light? “Blue light belongs to the normal spectrum of sunlight and is particularly intense in the morning. But artificial light sources, especially screens, also emit blue light.” One more reason to distance yourself from the computer screen more often? Let’s see.

How Does Blue Light Affect The Skin?

More and more beauty products advertise with blue light filters. It is sometimes even recommended that you apply sunscreen indoors to protect yourself. Is that necessary?

“Exactly how blue light damages the skin has not yet been conclusively clarified scientifically. What we dermatologists already know, however, is that blue light penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and there, along with positive things – it has a disinfecting and calming effect; more on that in a moment – Can also cause a lot of damage. The reason: High doses of blue light generate free radicals, and they can damage the skin cells, “the dermatologist knows. According to studies, exposure to too much blue light can damage the skin over the long term.


Which Skin Damages Are Possible?

Blue light is suspected of promoting premature skin aging and causing so-called photodamages, such as pigment spots, redness and sallow skin. “However, it has a much more serious influence on the sleep-wake cycle, and if this is disturbed, the skin cannot regenerate itself sufficiently.”

A lack of sleep can cause dark circles under the eyes and impurities, and the skin loses moisture. In the long run, this leads to wrinkles. So it’s better to put your smartphone aside before going to bed in the evening.

What Are LED Masks Good For With Blue Light?

We just announced it briefly: When used correctly, blue light is even beneficial for the skin! “Well dosed, it is used in the treatment of acne and other inflammatory skin diseases,” reports the expert. The antibacterial effect of the light is used here. In dermatology, particular light therapy is used for this. According to a study, no damage is to be expected here. An alternative for the home to treat minor ailments is LED masks with blue light. Granted, they look a bit getting used to, but they help.

Tip: You can now find LED masks from numerous brands – unfortunately, mostly at low prices. The covers are also equipped with additional color light settings. So there is a proper light treatment for every skin type!

How Can You Protect Yourself From Blue Light?

“In general, normal sun protection is also effective against blue light. Products that contain antioxidants also protect. By the way, the dose of blue light for one minute in the sun is about as high as 3 hours in front of the screen!”

Your smartphone is your face, so you need not be feared, and outside you should always apply sunscreen. For a healthy sleep in the evening, switch off all screens as early as possible, and nothing stands in the way of healthy and well-rested skin!

What Helps Against Photodamage To The Skin?

The dermatologist reveals how to treat skin damage: “Antioxidants also help to a certain extent against existing damage caused by blue light. Radiofrequency treatment ensures an all-around renewal. Tiny needles in conjunction with radiofrequency rays ensure that The body’s collagen production is stimulated again and improves general skin quality. “

What Else Can I Do To Protect Myself From Blue Lights?

Before it comes to further damage, it is, of course, always better to prevent. So that you can sleep again at night and your skin doesn’t have to fear blue light, here are the best tips for everyday life:

  • Blue light filter apps: You can install apps on your smartphone or laptop that filter out blue light. Much easier on the eyes, and your body’s sleep rhythm is not affected!
  • Blue light filter glasses: If you want to be on the safe side and have to work on frequently changing screens, special blue filter glasses may be an alternative.
  • Do without screens in the evening: Even if it is difficult, it is healthiest for the body to put the smartphone aside as early as possible in the evening. The blue light stimulates the body to be daylight and not yet time to sleep. Because of this, it doesn’t produce the hormone melatonin necessary to shut down.

Exactly how blue light damages the skin has not yet been conclusively clarified. But now you know how to protect yourself from too much blue light and even use it to care for your skin, in small doses!.

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