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Understand What The Secret Is To Lose Weight For Good?

Even after losing significant weight, many people face a real war with the scale. In a process known as the accordion effect, they see the eliminated kilos return. Keeping your body lean and healthy in the long run can be difficult, which raises the question: “how to lose weight for good”?

If you also have this question, this article will help you. We’ll explain why our guests have used the long-lasting weight loss method for 40 years and how to avoid seeing all your efforts disappear amidst love handles and localized fat. Follow!

Why Can Losing Weight Be So Difficult?

It is important to remember that, although there is a genetic predisposition to obesity, many of the kilos we accumulate over time are due to an inadequate lifestyle. Western food is based on refined, fatty, and sweetened products.

Therefore, culturally, there is a strong incentive to consume foods rich in calories and poor in nutrients. It’s not just the scale that reveals the result of this diet. A series of diseases also appear due to this rampant consumption of unhealthy dishes.

In addition, there are other habits present in our daily lives that favor weight gain. Especially those who live in large urban centers move around the city in cars or other vehicles. Piped water and gas, appliances, and other amenities of modern life bring us comfort but do not require effort.

How To Lose Weight For Good?

If you’ve concluded that you need to lose weight, we’ll explain how to lose weight for good. We’re not going to teach you any fad diet, a tea that flattens your stomach, or a morning trick that will guarantee you fast and long-lasting weight loss.

However, we are sure that if you follow these guidelines, you will have lasting weight loss. We know this because, for 40 years, we have received people who have faced the same dilemma, changed their habits, and started showing a thin body and iron health.

Want to know how to lose weight for good? Discover our method!

Drink Water

Water does not make you lose weight but facilitates the weight-loss process. It promotes detoxification in the body and reduces the feeling of hunger. In addition, this precious liquid is essential for almost all the reactions in our body, making it work properly.

Among the many benefits of water, we can highlight its performance in the intestine. This organ absorbs the nutrients we eat, metabolizes the substances we receive through food, and interferes with weight loss. For these processes to happen perfectly, hydration is essential.

Change Your Food

Changing your diet is essential for anyone who wants to know how to lose weight for good. This doesn’t mean following fad diets, eating small portions of low-nutrition foods, or restricting your intake of important macronutrients like a low-carb diet does with carbohydrates.

A frequent mistake is to think of the ideal weight loss menu only in terms of counting calories. So, the person reduces the portions of their foods, which are only sometimes healthy. In addition to feeling very hungry, she may lack important nutrients.

Dietary re-education for weight loss involves changing the quantity of food, but mainly the quality of what is on our plate. Prepare balanced meals that contain:

  • Carbohydrates occupy 25% of the plate: avoid refined products and give preference to whole grains, which have more nutrients and fibers;
  • 25% of the plate occupied by proteins: prefer vegetables or, if you consume meat, avoid the fattest ones;
  • Vegetables occupy 50% of the plate: abuse greens and vegetables, coloring your meals. This will ensure a variety of nutrients and help you feel fuller for longer.

Practice Exercises

The practice of physical exercises is essential not only for the weight loss process but also for health. Activities not only burn the calories we take in through food. They increase muscle tissue, i.e., lean mass, with the proper stimulus.

Increasing lean body mass plays an important role in weight loss. Research shows that for every 500 grams of muscle a person builds, they will burn between 30 and 50 more calories daily, even at rest.

So, if you want to find out how to lose weight for good, say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle and turn physical exercise into a daily habit!

Sleep Well

For those who want to know how to lose weight for good, sleep deserves attention. During this period, the body releases growth hormones, which are precisely those that will facilitate the development of lean mass, which we talked about in the previous item.

Furthermore, when a person has a good night’s sleep, there is a balance in the production and release of two other hormones essential for the weight loss process: ghrelin (which signals the feeling of hunger) and leptin (which indicates that the organism is satisfied).

Practice Temperance

Temperance is a principle that teaches that we should use what is good in moderation and abstain from what is harmful. Therefore, it is a question of maintaining balance, always aiming at the quantity and quality of our actions.

Even healthy foods increase our body fat when we eat more than necessary. Cereals are an example. Whole-grain bread and rice, for example, are sources of nutrients and fiber. However, they are caloric. It is not necessary to eliminate them from the menu, but consume only the portion that the body needs. That’s temperance.

There are also products that we should completely avoid. An example is alcohol. In addition to all the damage it brings to the body, damaging the brain and affecting other organs, alcoholic beverages are quite caloric. See the data below:

  • 1 gram of carbohydrate provides 4 calories to the body;
  • 1 gram of protein provides 4 calories;
  • 1 gram of alcohol provides 7.1 calories to the body, almost twice as much as carbohydrates and protein.

Therefore, making a thin dish but abusing wine, beer, and whiskey is not a smart choice for anyone who wants to know how to lose weight for good.

Make The Sun Your Ally

For some time, the Sun was considered a real villain. The population was warned to limit their exposure to sunlight or to do so only after using sunscreen.

However, exposure should be controlled but not completely avoided. In contact with the Sun, our body produces vitamin D. This hormone participates in a series of processes in the body and contributes to weight loss.


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