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You Don’t Have To Stop Eating To Lose Weight, But Make Excuses

There is no miracle in losing weight. To lose weight, you need to change attitudes, says a nutrition specialist. For her, changing the foods you consume and how you eat is not necessary. Want to know how to lose those unwanted pounds naturally? Then check out the article below!

To Lose Weight, You Have To Stop Making Excuses!

According to nutritionist Paula Cabral, one of the first steps is to stop inventing justifications for not changing the diet. Giving up certain pleasures, such as the weekend beer, and ending the habit of transferring the responsibility for extra pounds to lack of time or age are essential steps to losing weight.

Over time, metabolism tends to slow down; that’s a fact. However, the mistake is in continuing with the same habits.

Changing your diet and increasing your exercise routine help prevent weight gain, argues the author. Therefore, the ideal is not to follow fad diets. And yes, having a balanced menu full of nutrients and prioritizing sports activities. 

Lose Weight More Naturally

With the idea of ​​getting in shape for the summer, many people pay more attention to their bodies, and the search for weight loss becomes more intense. We live in a society that overvalued ​​thinness and sends messages that thin people are happier and more successful.

In addition to these expectations not being necessarily accurate, feeding them and believing that thinness will bring the solution to problems can worsen people’s relationship with food. It is possible to lose weight in a more balanced and conscious way, as long as you pay more attention to what you are eating and how you are eating.

Five Strategies To Lose Weight In A Balanced And Conscious Way

Changing your relationship with food can contribute to weight loss. Here are some strategies that can help you in this regard:

Avoid fad diets Let’s face it: if weight loss diets worked, there wouldn’t be millions of them being sold as “the solution.” 

This industry is also the subject of the book  Losing It: False Hopes and Fat Profits in the Diet Industry by American writer Laura Fraser.

Several studies have already demonstrated the ineffectiveness of dieting in preventing weight gain. In addition to not working, diets can harm health. That’s because they increase the risk of developing an eating disorder up to 18 times. In addition, they promote the well-known “accordion effect,” which is consecutive weight loss and recovery.

This is because dieting can reduce resting energy expenditure, making our body spend fewer calories. This “accordion effect” can lead to glucose intolerance (popularly known as “pre-diabetes”) and an increase in body fat deposits.

Be Wary Of “Miracle” Foods Or Supplements

A single food or supplement alone does not have the power to lose weight. It all depends on the lifestyle, frequency, amount, and circumstances in which foods and supplements are taken.

Additionally, a study in which participants thought they were consuming a weight-loss supplement demonstrated that using these products promotes a “releasing” effect. This means that people tend to eat more because they believe the supplement alone produces the desired result.

Eat your favorite dishes in the same way that a single food alone cannot lose anyone’s weight; it is also not capable of making anyone fat. In other words, it’s not the chocolate that makes you fat. But instead, how, how much, and how often chocolate or any other food is eaten.

Allow yourself to eat your favorite dishes from time to time, not least because the ban increases the desire to consume them. An Israeli study observed that a weight loss program that included sweets in the participants’ routine was more effective in promoting weight loss than a program that prohibited this type of food.

And that’s because individuals felt less desire to eat sweets when allowed.

Make Peace With Food

From dieting so much to losing weight, some people have a negative attitude towards foods such as vegetables and fruits. So look for a new meaning for these foods, and try them again as if you’ve never eaten them. Look for attractive recipes and new ways to prepare. 

Perceive signs of hunger and satiety Recent studies show that eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full helps you lose weight. Paying attention to these signs is inversely associated with body mass index and the presence of binge eating.

Through “intuitive eating,” people can better perceive body signals and are less likely to eat in response to emotional and environmental triggers (e.g., eating without hunger). 

These tips point to lasting behavior changes that can improve your relationship with food and your own body. After all, those who don’t respect themselves and don’t like themselves don’t take care of themselves.


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