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Workout: How To Get Rid Of Your Fear Of Working Out In The Gym

Both beginners and some fitness professionals deal with anxiety in the gym. It doesn’t matter whether a new workout or a change of sports venue causes queasy feelings – these four expert tips will help you get rid of them.

“It’s perfectly normal to be afraid of something new,” exercise psychologist  told Men’s Health. It often happens that beginners feel panic before their first visit to the gym.

But even some fitness professionals who already have experience with the equipment in the studio are afraid of new challenges.

These can be unfamiliar exercises, a new training plan, or a completely new workout.

However, it is essential to set new training stimuli regularly. This brings variety to your sports program and achieves better training success in the long term. It would help if you didn’t shy away from new challenges, especially when it comes to strength training – because muscles need new impulses to grow.

The following four expert tips should help you conquer your fears.

Be Open-Minded

“The best strategy for combating anxiety is to approach the new exercise or sport with an open, positive attitude,”.

You shouldn’t be frustrated if an exercise doesn’t work the first time. In the gym, no one will judge you for a training mistake. Also, everyone needs practice to master a new task.

Get Support From A Trainer

“Professional instructions will help you to resolve fears,” says the expert. Whether you’re trying spinning or high-intensity interval training for the first time, start by asking a trainer at your local gym for advice on what to look for in each workout.

The expert can also show you how to adjust the equipment in the gym individually to your training level and how many repetitions and sets are ideal. Ultimately, your training goal – e.g., fat reduction or muscle building – also plays a role.

Set Goals

Are you new to the gym? To feel more confident, you should first set your training goals. Do you want to improve your stamina, build a six-pack, or lose a few pounds?

The range of fitness programs, courses, and equipment can quickly overwhelm a beginner. Individual personal training can help you become aware of your goals and work out a suitable training strategy.

Bring A Friend

A workout is not only more fun with a training partner, but you may also be more motivated to visit the gym. If you are unsure, you can build each other up and make suggestions for improvement.

In addition, as a beginner, you feel less lost among the many fitness professionals in the gym.


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