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5 Tips For Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is the dream of many people. If this is your case, know that everything we do interferes somehow with our body, which, consequently, has a significant impact on the appearance of the skin, which is the largest organ in our body.

The good news is that there are habits that can significantly improve the health of the dermis, leaving it more luminous, hydrated and fresh.  Biossance has separated some attitudes that can make all the difference in your routine. Come on?

Always Keep Your Skin Clean

The first step for anyone who wants to learn healthy skin is to clean it daily. Doing this allows cell renewal to occur more efficiently, unclogging pores and allowing for better absorption of other products used in the skincare process.

Several cosmetics to clean the skin; among them are the creamy options, in oil, liquid soap and much more. But, before purchasing any product, the ideal is to check the packaging to see if it is suitable for your skin type.

The cleaning process is straightforward. First, you wash your face with water and your favorite product. Then you can complete the cleaning with a toner, as it removes the impurities that the soap was unable to clean.

Always Hydrate Your Body

In addition to preventing dryness and softening expression lines, a good moisturizer makes your skin firmer, giving it a smooth and smooth texture. Although many people think that the oily dermis does not need hydration, this process is essential to make the skin beautiful and healthy.

When we neglect the hydration of oily skin, our body understands that it needs to increase sebum production, causing the famous rebound effect. Have more! If you are undergoing acne treatment with dermo-cosmetics, such as acids, hydration preserves the skin’s water, preventing dryness.

In addition, among the tips to keep your skin healthy, there is also the habit of hydrating the body through water intake. Ideal for helping your body eliminate toxins, this type of hydration leaves the skin less prone to blemishes, blackheads and pimples.

Take Good Care Of Your Food

As we can see above, taking care of the skin goes far beyond the skincare routine, which does not mean that it is any less critical. On the contrary, it is essential to have a balanced way of both the food and drinks we consume and our products.

But, after all, what to eat to have healthy skin? A good tip is to bet on red fruits, such as strawberry, raspberry and blackberry, as they are rich in cyanidin and vitamin C, elements that prevent excess oil and premature aging. Vegetables are also great allies for healthy skin.

Protect your skin from the sun

The use of sunscreen is another way to have beautiful and healthy skin, as it blocks the action of UVA and UVB rays on the skin. This protection is essential in preventing burns, premature aging and even skin cancer. It is also great at fighting blemishes, sagging and wrinkles.

Another golden tip is to provide a specific sunscreen for the body and another for the face, as facial skin is much more delicate. The ideal is only to use the product indicated for the body on the front if there is no other way to protect us.

Take Off Your Makeup Before Bed

We know that there are days when tiredness hits hard, and with it comes the laziness to remove makeup; however, it is recommended that this does not happen. After all, by taking a few minutes before going to bed to remove your makeup, you leave your skin healthy, preventing pores from clogging and diminishing service.

When we use makeup, just soap with water is not enough to clean the skin. What to do then? Counting on specific cosmetics for this purpose is the best alternative to leave the skin free of any product residue. Once that’s done, finish the care the way you prefer!


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