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6 Tips For Soft And Hydrated Skin

Today, several products and treatments have smooth and beautiful skin. The hard part, amid so many options, is choosing the most suitable one. In addition to offering one of the best services in the laser hair removal area, we care about the health of your skin, so we thought of several tips to make your skin smooth and hydrated, as well as healthy.

Take Care Of Your Food

Food is the main factor for having beautiful and healthy skin. The secret is to take good care of it, starting from the inside out. Some foods are essential to keep the skin always hydrated and healthy, such as carrots. It has substances that prevent the formation of wrinkles early and has lipoic acid, which helps revitalize the face.

It is also rich in beta-carotene, which helps protect against UVA and UVB effects. Red fruits, such as blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries, are rich in vitamin C and help produce collagen, the tissue that supports the skin.

I have an article that only talks about foods that are very good for the health of your skin, and on top of that, your hair too.

Daily Hydration

The skin needs to be hydrated always! This is not just a cosmetic concern because moisturizing the skin prevents infection-causing microorganisms from penetrating the pores. Taking too many showers a day and using the loofah excessively, on the other hand, can create space for microorganisms to enter.

There are specific products that guarantee hydration, and if used as requested, you will have skin to envy.

Drinking plenty of water also helps keep the skin hydrated, as it is responsible for cell renewal, acting from the inside out, as well as food. It even provides better elasticity to the skin. The ideal is to drink at least two liters of water every day.

Why Do Laser Hair Removal?

Laser is a progressive hair removal technique made from light energy emitted by a source that acts directly on the follicle, weakening it. This direct action on the strand is what prevents hair growth.

In laser hair removal, hair bulbs are destroyed, hindering or preventing hair growth. This occurs because, during the procedure, the laser is emitted, and, by the contrast of tone, it is absorbed by the melanin concentration in the hair root. Those hairs close to the heart and with the most significant amount of color are overheated, which causes the bulb to die.

Contrary to what many say, laser treatment can be done in the summer; take care and don’t expose yourself to the sun to excess. The results vary from person to person; in addition, the average is that you can already see some impact in five sessions. Men can also treat mainly to combat folliculitis in the beard and neck. The laser eliminates this problem!

Laser hair removal promotes smooth smooth skin after treatment. In addition, it eliminates the problem of ingrown hairs and irritations in the shaved area, which guarantees much smoother skin in the region for a long time.

And it’s good to know which laser treatment is proper for you. In many people, maintenance treatment is only necessary after years. As with many medicines, it all depends on the person, so it’s good to have more information before starting.

Don’t Go Out Without Sunscreen

Unprotected skin is exposed to the extremely harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. The protector is also essential to protect the skin from premature aging and reduce the incidence of skin cancer.

Please make no mistake: it is necessary to use sunscreen also on cloudy days! The sun’s rays are there even in colder times and without light. What occurs is a decrease, but the exposure is still harmful to the skin’s health.

Sunbathing is essential, as long as it is in moderation. A good time is until 9 am, for at least 20 minutes, to acquire vitamin D, which is only synthesized in our body with sunlight.

Avoid Taking Hot Baths

Hot baths can even be relaxing when we come home tired, but they can compromise the health of your skin, causing the destruction and drying of the mantle-lipid layer of the skin, the layer of fat, which works as natural protection.

These are our tips on maintaining healthy, beautiful, smooth, and soft skin. And all that I said in this text is valid for everyone who wants this well-being, or rather, a better and healthier life.


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