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Oily Skin: 4 Essential Skin Care Tips

Controlling the skin’s oiliness can be a challenge, especially for those who have a hectic routine but always need to look beautiful. Oil control seems like a constant struggle and the search for products that make a difference in your daily life. But know that there is no mystery to treating oily skin. What she needs is some daily care that you can adopt.

If you don’t understand very well, oiliness is due to sebum production by the sebaceous glands, however, in excess. 

Unlike some thoughts, having oily skin, which causes excessive shine, even shining, makes the person use other products such as foundation compact powder to hide. However, it is not because of poor care that this emergence occurs; this excess sebum can usually be genetic.

In today’s post, we present Four critical care that will make all the difference so that your skin is always beautiful and healthy. Follow us!

Hydrating Oily Skin Is Essential

People with oily skin are often wary of using moisturizers. But, as with any skin type, hydration is an essential step. For this, try to use anti-aging moisturizers and creams that have properties that soften excess oil. But if you still have doubts, the advice is to look for a dermatologist.

You can also use products that have vitamin C as an agent of this care, as it helps control oiliness, and the two ways to use it are at night or during the day before sunscreen and makeup.

Apply Sunscreen Daily

Sunscreen also needs to be applied daily, as your skin is not free from the harmful effects of the sun. If possible, take advantage and use moisturizing creams that already contain some protection factors in the formula.

If you can’t find a moisturizer that suits your skin type and protects your skin from the sun, look for a sunscreen specifically for oily skin. But remember always to use a product before it contains vitamin C.

Avoid Washing Your Skin All The Time

Possibly, the feeling of having oily skin is a nuisance for you. But know that you should not wash your skin all the time since, instead of reducing the presence of oil, you will stimulate its production even more.

Try to wash your skin a maximum of twice a day, using only water. On days when you need to exfoliate, it’s best to avoid scrubbing your skin too much, as you risk producing more fat and, in many cases, can even hurt your skin.

Some websites recommend that you cleanse your face using soap twice a day. The most suitable soaps are those based on sulfur and salicylic acid. So, if you suffer from oiliness, be careful when buying the product.

Oily Skin And Makeup

Makeup is allowed for those with oily skin. However, after cleaning and moisturizing the skin, do not apply the primer. But what is the first? It is a kind of colorless foundation, and this product helps makeup last longer, which is essential for those with oily skin, as it mattifies it and avoids leaving that appearance of excess fat.

Another care often neglected by those who wear makeup is removing it before bed. This care needs to be taken very rigorously, especially if you wear makeup all day and have oily skin.

The truth is, you can have makeup problems with any skin type, so it’s exciting that you take the necessary care when using it and also when removing it, using specific products, and taking care that the problem doesn’t get worse in the future.

Know that, during the day, your skin comes in contact with pollution, dirt, sweat. Makeup makes all this stick to your skin; if you don’t do the correct hygiene, you will be keeping all the microorganisms and dirt on the skin’s surface that will only aggravate the problem of excessive oil. Therefore, the idea is to keep the skin always clean and hydrated.


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